Friday, November 4, 2011

The Start of Something Interesting


You may know me. You may not. I'm not telling everyone about me. I'm not sure some people in the town where I live are ready for Ivy B.

I recently signed a contract with an Ebook Company called Breathless Press.  Sometime in the near future, they will be publishing my first saucy story.  I'm very excited and still a bit in shock. I love to write, but I really only became half decent at putting pen to paper a couple years ago when  I became involved, purely by circumstance, with a local writing group.

On a regular basis, I write in full glorious detail the deliciously fun things that people do to themselves or with other people, but I started out writing light hearted, family friendly, non fiction pieces that made people laugh or cry. I don't necessarily want to know what people do when they read my racier stories!

I never would have dreamed of writing fictional romance novels if a friend of mine hadn't suggested I try it out for a popular romance novel company that her sister works for.

I never would even have thought of writing erotic fiction if the company, that later politely rejected me, hadn't had a no boundaries erotic line. Plus the stories could be a lot shorter!  Writing a story with 15,000 words vs writing a book with 80,000 words seemed to be an easier way of getting my feet wet.  However, getting over the embarrassment of writing descriptive sex was quite a hurdle.

After a clumsy attempt or two, I managed and with the support of my loving husband and my friends, I wrote my first erotic story.

As I said, I was rejected by the first company, but less than a year later, I took out the story, dusted it off, cleaned it up, found Breathless Press and sent it in. If you are ever wanting to try your hand at an erotic story, I highly recommend sending it to BP.  They got back to me within weeks of my sending in my manuscript. Everyone I've had dealings with has been helpful and friendly. I'm very happy I found them and I am so happy and proud that they have accepted my story.

I will keep you posted and even, because I am allowed to use my blog to advertise, when the time is right, post a few chapters. Hopefully they will wet your appetite enough to buy the story.  In the mean time, check out Breathless Press. If you're looking for some pulse inducing reading, you'll have to look no further than their site.

Until next time,
Be like Ivy and Misbehave.


Brige said...

So excited for you Ivy. Must be such a thrill to create something for other people. Cannot wait to get started on your book.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and a wuff whistle for what I've read so far.