Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just A Little Bit More...

Hello My Dears

Well, I promised a couple weeks ago that I would post a little bit of my upcoming book on my blog, as a way of promotion and so I suppose, with only 9 days to go until everyone can read it at their leisure (assuming they shell out the $1.99 for the ebook), I'd better get a move on with the promise.

If you go to Breathless Press Between the Lines you can read an excerpt from my book and in that scene you can meet our heroine Lara. In the section I am posting for your reading pleasure, you will be meeting our hero, Devin.


Ivy B...
a little bit nervous.

Devin Monaghan paced his hotel suite. Not one for big crowds, he felt anxious and wished he could smoke in his room.
He looked at his watch—it was almost 6:20. He had no time to have a quick puff on his balcony. He needed to get down to the ballroom. Fashionably late was one thing, obnoxiously late was another. As some people already considered him a bit of a bad boy, he thought he'd better not give them something to talk about by being the last to arrive.
He slipped his suit jacket over his crisp, white dress shirt. He kept the top two buttons of his shirt undone, not even thinking about the effect his toned chest would have on the ladies who sometimes gathered around him. He simply hated wearing a tie. The bloody things made him feel like he was choking, which affected his voice. He was expected to read from his latest book—all seven authors were—and it really wouldn't do to be tugging on his collar while trying to enunciate.
He filled his pockets with his necessities: lighter, cigs, room key. Everything seemed to be in order. A copy of his book with his pages marked for his reading would be waiting for him in the ballroom.
Before leaving, he checked his look in the mirror over the desk. His floppy, chocolate brown hair fell into his dark eyes. He rubbed his hand over his chin. His five o'clock shadow was almost two hours in the making. Perhaps he should have shaved. He looked a little unkempt, which again only served his bad-boy image. Well, bad-boy image or not, his looks really didn't matter to him. He wasn't looking to pick anyone up. He really wasn't in the mood for a one-night encounter that would probably end badly. No, it would be best if tonight he just kept his hands to himself.
Devin flicked off the desk lamp, headed out the door, and sauntered slowly down the hall.
He wasn't overly hungry, but he wondered about what they might be serving for dinner as he waited patiently for the elevator to reach his floor.
The thirteenth floor–that was the floor he was on. Wasn't that odd? He thought most hotels cut to fourteen from twelve when numbering their floors. Was it not considered bad luck or something like that to have a floor numbered thirteen?
However, when the doors slid open and revealed he’d be sharing his trip to the lobby with an incredibly beautiful auburn-haired woman, Devin started to think that in this hotel, the number thirteen could be a very lucky number indeed.
He stepped into the already occupied elevator. Devin sucked in his breath. It was Lara Munroe. He recognized her from her book jacket photo. She leaned against the back wall, looking a little sheepish. He tried to make eye contact with her, but she seemed to find the pattern on the elevator floor more interesting than his arrival and would’nt look up to greet him.
He checked his appearance in the mirrored wall—same as it had been when he'd left his room a few minutes before, but now he was self-conscious. He really should have taken the time to shave! Clearly her behavior was a sign he was just about the most unattractive man she'd ever seen.
Devin smiled and gave his head a slight shake. He quickly checked his vanity into submission. Where had those ridiculous thoughts come from? Why was he feeling like a schoolboy? What did it matter whether or not this woman found him attractive? No doubt a woman as lovely and as talented as Lara Munroe had a man in her life. The disheveled mess that he was —complete with a lazy voice, a nicotine addiction, and perhaps a too-ironic sense of humor—would be of no appeal to someone who was all sophistication and beauty.
He took a deep breath and raked his hand through his hair. His mind was suddenly filled with desire. An intoxicating scent came from her slender body. He stole a sideways glance at her. She was fiddling with her purse and lost in thoughts that seemed pleasant, and there was something very specific about her appearance that was entrancing. Devin wished he could put his finger on it.
He looked into the mirrored wall of the elevator, hoping to catch a look from her. After a few seconds, their eyes finally met. Her green eyes filled his vision, and vivid pictures of them together suddenly clouded his mind. He managed a slight grin, as did she, but he found he was so consumed with her perfume and piercing gaze that he was at a loss for words.
The door chimed its message of arrival to the lobby. Neither of them made the first attempt to leave. Instead they continued their observation of each other in the mirror.
They needed to leave.
"After you...Ms. Munroe," he finally, and reluctantly, said as he gestured for her to exit the elevator.
Lara giggled charmingly, her face flushing with...was it embarrassment?
Devin thought, as he watched her leave the elevator ahead of him, perhaps he somehow had a positive effect on the lovely Lara, and he hoped this heated moment in the elevator wouldn't be their last encounter this evening.

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