Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Characters Are Being Social!

Hello to you my Bee's

While I have been working on other projects, the hero and heroine from  Between the Lines have been off doing interviews which is lovely as I have been not so hot in the social networking scene of late.

Lara Munroe has an interview up on the Breathless Press Blog today in an entry entitled Character Spotlight #4.

Devin Monaghan, around the beginning of the month made an appearance on Linda Kage's Blog Page. He was as charming as ever and I'm hoping that gain admirers won't go to his head.

And that is all for now by dears. I am almost finished a final draft for my next book and then the editing begins. More news on that later!

Ivy B leaving you to your day. I hope it's a good one.


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Linda Kage said...

oooh!! Can't wait to hear more about the new books! Congrats. Sounds like you've been a busy B!