Monday, May 7, 2012

Ivy B...Getting Her Hands Dirty.

Hello my extremely patient Bees...

Yes, it has been a while, but it is really becoming a very old tune is it not? This "Oh my it's been ages since I wrote..." tune. So I 'm going to stop apologizing. I just don't always feel "Ivy" and I suppose I get blocked in a way from time to time. "Ivy" is always around, but sometimes she just doesn't know what to say or how to say it.

You see those who know the girl behind lurking behind the "Ivy"know what I sound like. They hear me and not "Ivy" in  my Ivy posts and interviews. I do know how to help them hear Ivy. She is my pen name. She is not really an alternate personality. Those who know me know that I'm happily married with a child.  If "Ivy" started rambling on in the way she does in her books, being very sexual and what not, would that not be weird?  Anyway, I had a point, but it left me.  I should track it down I suppose...ah yes...there is it...

So, to get to it, here is the excuse I have for taking forever to get to this post. I have a writing job now (writing content for websites)and I also have tendonitis. (yea me!) The combination of these 2 facts is often very trying on my hands. At the end of the day, after writing brilliant content for websites such as "Let my 20 years of experience be the platform on which you will place your trust" I sometimes have barely enough strength left in my hands to lift my utensils off my place-mat to eat my dinner.

How did this unfortunate condition arise? started a very long time ago and to make my Bees happy, the ones who would like "Ivy" to sound a lot less like me, I will create a little fill in the blanks game for you. Enjoy and feel free to be as naughty as you like.


Once upon a time, a very__girl desperately needed a job. Unfortunately all that was available to her was__at the local__. It was a job that involved a lot of hand eye coordination, bending over, twisting and smiling at people who were rude to her. Even if the man was a creep, she had to be kind and act as though she was very happy to __his __.

Ivy at first, didn't really mind all the__she had to do. She was very good at it and even if other girls were available, people would wait for her to free because she was just so terribly good at__their__. Ivy was a bit proud of this fact, even if it meant more___.

However, one day her wrists started to ache. After all those months of__her clients__her hands would seize up in the middle of a task and she would be forced to stop____ her customers goods. It was troubling. It was frustrating. It was unnerving. Ivy needed the money. She wanted to return to school. But what else could a __such as she and superior ___ability do to get money if not__?

She told one of the girls she worked about her pains caused by all the __ and although the lovely girl sympathized, she but offer no advice. Neither of her wrists ached even though she worked full time__ and __for her customers.

Ivy despaired and then made a decision. Life was too short to keep___for clients who didn't always appreciate her efforts. She reported her issues to her boss and was delighted to find that Workers' Comp would help her get treatment for her wrist pain due all the __for customers.  The pain subsided for years, but strain with every day tasks will take it's toll from time to time and it's all because of the __and __that Ivy did over 20 years ago.


There, I hope you had fun with that. Ivy needs to save conserve the energy in her hands now and got work out in the garden. I mean Ivy needs to go___ because those___won't pull themselves.

I will be back soon my Bees.


Ivy B.