Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ivy B Promoting...

Hello my Sweet Bees

This will entry will not be entirely unlike yours truly: short, sweet and to the point.

Ok, well that's a bit of a lie. For those who know me, I CAN be sweet...given enough notice to behave in such a manner.

And while I can tell a short story, it is often hidden in the middle of series of other tales that seem important to tell while spinning the yarn of the short story in order to boost the point of the short story I'm trying to tell.

The only real truth in the first sentence is...the short thing. I've always been vertically challenged thanks to being related to a clan of short and stocky Scottish folk. It's in the genes, but I feel I wear them well. Baby got back and all that.

Ok the point. Today is June, 7/2012. In exactly 3 months, Ivy Bateman fans, my next novel will be electronically thrust onto an unsuspecting interwebs public. Well, I suppose it's not that unsuspecting if you know about it, but...I digress.

So mark this day on your calendar! And on September, 7/2012 get ready for a novel so completely different than my first tale of debauchery (Between the Lines and if you haven't read it...yet...I weep uncontrollable tears for your misfortune) that you may think I've taken leave of my senses.

Yes, my dears I've gone from boy meets girl, girl becomes unhinged, girl does something fairly kinky in the bathroom, boy and girl meet up again, boy and girl have hot shenanigans in a hotel room TO...

Girl meets a creature in her computer named Darkness, girl gets drawn into her computer, girl takes a few trips through worlds of her own creation and has relations with a few "people" in order to complete a risky task and free Darkness.  I say "people" because none of the beings she has um...relations with...are technically human.

On September, 7th, 2012...prepare yourself for...

Oh yes, my Sweet Bees...Ivy's entered the world of paranormal erotica.

I will be back soon with my comments on a couple of reviews that I've received for Between the Lines and perhaps...with a few excerpts from The Fifth Story.

It's a BEEutiful day where I am. I hope where ever this blog entry finds you that it is a lovely day too.

Until next time,

Ivy B...very excited about her newest book.