Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ivy B chatting about reviews and her latest muse.

Hello hello my Sweet Bees

How are all of you enjoy your July? Mine has gotten off to a busy start with things outside my computer taking up my time, but I am trying my best to keep playing in the cyber pool more than I usually do. No, I haven't been blogging,obviously, but I have been all a Twitter from time to time which is pretty good for me. It's not that I'm against social media, I'm just not very good at it. I have to get better because as someone who writes for the online world, I should become as involved as I can and yet I hesitate.

Aside from the fact that keeping up with social media can be time consuming, I think my lack of it may have something to do with becoming overwhelmed from time to time at the amount of social media I could be involved in: Blog Hops, joining people's blogs, finding more authors on facebook and twitter, finding review sites and submitting my work for review. It hurts my head when I think about it and so instead of baby steps, "one blog hop at time" steps, I end up doing "hiding my head in the sand and do nothing" steps.

But whine whine, whine, whine gets you no where right? Where as wine, wine, wine gets me...well it get me drunk and that's not productive so I'll put the bottles of whine and wine away and just do what I can, when I can and not worry about it.

So, in writing news, it is of course 1 day less than 2 months to the release of "The Fifth Story" by yours truly. I am eager for September, 7th and anxious for reactions to this new book. I'm happy with it and if others aren't well, as I said in a blog interview at the beginning of the year, that as long as the reviews are honest, I'd be happy with them. Between the Lines has been met with mostly positive reviews. Yes, some of them have been from friends, but others have been from strangers. I won't go into them in too much detail because it may seem sort of like an attack of vanity, but if you're curious, here is a link to one review that I received from a website called  Night Owl Reviews.

Review for Between the Lines

Now this review isn't bad, but it's not raving. The reviewer didn't like that I didn't do happily ever's more of a happily ever maybe for those of you who would really prefer HEA endings...but I knew going in that some people wouldn't be overly pleased with the uncertain ending. I'm probably silly to post it as this isn't a review that will make anyone want to buy my book but the reviewer was honest and she took the time to read my book which I appreciate and so I thank her.

Now the other one I'm posting a link to, I found on that new tumbler site all the kids are talking about. This particular person has taken it upon herself to post reviews for erotic novels that she has enjoyed as a way of letting people know that there are other erotic novels out there besides the current erotic phenom known as "50 Shades of Grey". I am in no way criticizing that trilogy. I can only dream of being that successful. I am simply giving this review context.

Review for Between the Lines by Ivy Bateman by After 50 Shades of Grey

I found this review in a moment of complete self absorption (Yes, I look myself up sometimes to see if anyone has read my book! Is that so wrong?) and was so pleased when I found it. I was even more pleased when my editor tweeted it on twitter. Thanks Kat!

So where do I go from here? I've had one book published, another on the way and nothing really in the works.

Yes, I'm struggling, I will admit to find a topic that fuels my erotic fire. I think I may have found my latest muse though, and because I'm a kind wife, I informed my husband of whom I may be spending a better part of my day dreams with for the next while.  He just laughed, shook his head and sighed. He's more supportive than I really deserve, but which I really appreciate.

That's enough for now I think. Ivy B rambling and should be heading off to bed. Perhaps I will  have dream of a certain muse figure to get my writing actor who plays a delicious character who's name rhymes with oky doky.


Good night my Sweet Bees

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Linda Kage said...

LOL! I google myself all the time too! Sounds like you're busy and doing great with the Twitter (lots better than I'm doing there!).

HEA or not, I still loved Between the Lines. There was some great imagery that stuck with me. Just the way you described how the hero smoked a cigarette was so vivid, it was like I could smell the smoke waft by. And I love how the heroine stole his room key!!

Okay, I'll hush my fan girl and let you go. I still can't wait for THE FIFTH STORY. Is there the blurb for it somewhere that I can read??