Friday, August 24, 2012

Ivy B celebrating with Breathless Press

Good Friday to you my Sweet Bees

Today is Breathless Press's 3rd birthday!  Happy Birthday to my lovely publishing company!And for the next few days on their blog they are having a a very fun (very fun? hmmm I'm not sure that's grammatically correct...well forgive me...I'm still not through my first cup of coffee!) blog hop in the form of a scavenger hunt.


This is how it works. 18 Breathless Authors are participating. Just follow the link to the BP Blog that I have above the poster site and on the site you will find all the names of the authors involved. Click on the name of each author and hop to their blogs.  Each blog will have a blue letter. Comment on the blog, take the letter...or write it down...and when you've collected (or scavenged) all your letters, they create  a message! Once you've unscrambled the message send it to and you will be entered into a draw for a chance to win 50 BP books of your choice.

In case my explanation is poor, you might want to check out the BP blog post yourself. Of yours...if you're going to play, you'll be heading to the Breathless Press Blog now anyway! And remember, you have to comment on all the blogs to be eligible. you can see by my lack of blue letter...I am not participating. Why? Because in the is giant sea of social networking...this contest got lost to be me. But that doesn't mean I can't support it so get out there and play!!

Have a lovely Friday and weekend my Sweet Bees,

Ivy B getting to work



Linda Kage said...

What a good supportive BP author you are! I'll check it out. Thanks!

Leona said...

Thanks for the support lovely fellow author :-) you're entered into my drawing...

Ivy Bateman said...

You're welcome Leona! :)

Linda Kage said...

Hey, I just found out I won two books from this blog hop! Cool!!!!

Ivy Bateman said...

That's very cool! Enjoy them! And I hope you're feeling better. :)