Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ivy B Going On A (Virtual) Tour!

Good Thursday Morning My Sweet Bees

The big day is getting closer!  Soon the release of my second book, The Fifth Story, generously being published by Breathless Press, will be out and about on virtual bookshelves everywhere! It comes out September 7th, but it available for pre-order now!

When my first book came out, Between the Lines, back in January (it seems like an age ago and like it happened is that?) I was super glowing green. I had no idea how to go about finding blogs to request an interview on...I didn't know who to ask...I had zero clue as to what a Blog Hop was! Breathless Press was very helpful and lined up  few interviews for me which I really appreciated, but I knew I needed to do more, but I just didn't know how. Or maybe, more accurately, I lacked confidence and frankly I was scared to approach people...even in the virtual world.

However, this time around, I'm more prepared and have found a bit of confidence.

Over the last few months I've taken the time to figure out some of the ins, and a few of the outs for promoting my work on the internet. I've had a great deal of help from a lovely fellow writer and blogger, Linda Kage, who has shared advice and links and given me  great deal of support since we connected earlier in the year.

With knowledge in hand, last week I finally cracked the whip (on baby!) and emailed quite a few fellow bloggers and asked if they would like to book me on their site to help promote my upcoming book. Luckily, a few of them got back to me and I now have something of  blog tour for The Fifth Story set up.

Check out my new page!

The Fifth Story Blog Tour

Thank-you to all of you out there who said yes to a relative unknown. I really appreciate all the promotional help and am very much looking forward to being on your sites! I am always available to return the favour.

And speaking of that...

On Oct. 12th, Linda Kage will be dropping by to talk about her latest young adult romance book "The Color of Grace". I'm really looking forward to having her here on Ivy B Misbehavin.

Until next time my bees,
Ivy B getting back to work


Linda Kage said...

YAY!!! Looks like you have some good stuff lined up! And thanks for all the shout outs! I'm blushing.

Ivy Bateman said...

Yes, I'm very pleased! Now to think of what to write for my guest posts!