Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ivy B spending some time Reading Between the Wines

Hello my dear sweet bees

And welcome to Sunday. Today I'm heading over to a lovely vineyard and guest blogging at

So, grab yourself a cup of hot java or perhaps mimosa and stop on by this sexy site. Today, as part of my promotion for The Fifth Story, I'm sharing with you why I think witches are so alluring. What about you? Do you find yourself draw to their mysterious ways or do you prefer your women to be a little less magical?

Enjoy your Sunday my sweet bees.

Until next time,

Ivy B trying to find her own bottle of grape goodness.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ivy B talking about Darkness and her Gramma

Hello and happy Wednesday  Sweet Bees

I'm not sure what happened exactly...clearly wire got crossed or the owner of the blog I was supposed to be on today is busy or has other things to do...and that's anyway...I now present to you the guest post that was supposed to be on another blog today.


Ivy B sleepy today. I started a new job and  no, this isn't going to be a blog post about that but instead of me talking about , well, me and I thought I'd pass this blog post over to one of the characters in my latest Breathless Press ebook release, The Fifth Story. It's a paranormal erotic adventure about a girl named Bryn who gets lured into the world of her own stories by a very seductive shadow creature she names Darkness.

And that's whom I'd like to pass this blog off to right now and yet...I can't seem to find him. That's the trouble with Darkness: when it's dark or light, he can't be seen, but—Yowsa! You can feel him! Ha! Ha! He's a sneaky creature who has very little regard for personal space. Darkness, if you could just get off know you should cut it out...I am a married woman. I'm not sure my husband would approve of you places...Ok, he's gone. Well, that's no good. I didn't mean for him to leave outright. I wanted to ask him about his motivation in The Fifth Story and if he would consider himself a villain or a hero? 

He's a little bit sensitive though so he's probably off sulking. 

Well, if he's going to be that way, I'll talk about Darkness. He's the type of character who is hard to put a label on. His motivation in The Fifth Story is to leave the place he is stuck in and his need is great enough that his desire to escape defines him. He is really neither evil nor good. His is a creature with one goal and the mission he sends Bryn on is driven by what he needs. Much like a hero, he cares for the heroine and shows, from time to time, noble-ish qualities. However, much like the villain, he feels justified in his actions, even when they put Bryn in harm's way, because he feels his purpose, his motivation will serve the greater good.

What's that Darkness? You don't feel that's an accurate description of you? How am I making you sound selfish? I was trying to tell the readers that you are a character with layers.  You don't like the word villain, well, that's too bad. That's the way you spoke to me when I was writing you. Both sides of the character coin if you will. I think it's a flattering description, but you —ok, well, he's gone again.

But if you'd like to discover the many sides of Darkness for yourself, be sure to get yourself a copy of The Fifth Story. I think that my description of Darkness is quite fair, even though he disagrees and is off sulking in a corner...again.


Today is also my Grandmother's birthday. She passed away over 11 years ago and if she had still been with us she would have turned 95 today. I often wonder what she would have thought of my new career as an erotic writer. More likely than not she would have giggled like a school girl much as she did when she told my husband and I, a few months before she passed, that she heard women on Oprah talking about their clitorises. I laughed along with her while my dear one just sat still and blinked a lot which is something he does when he's too shocked to speak.  He wasn't shocked in regards to the women on Oprah, but that my 84 year old Grandmother had said "clitoris" in front of him. :) It's one of my happiest memories involving my Gramma.

So Gramma, wherever you're flying about today (she wanted to come back as a one legged sea gull and we believe that she did) I hope you have a beautiful birthday.

Until next time,

Ivy B thinking of her Gramma and the time she asked my mother what a blow job was while they were out fishing. Sound really carries over water, as you know, and those fishing a distance away, soon got a lot closer. 


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ivy B interviewed at You Gotta Read

Hello Sweet Bees and happy Saturday to you all.

Before you head off on your merry weekend adventures, be sure to stop by

And find out a little bit more about what makes me tick...if you're interested and don't already know what makes me tick. :) Today I'm doing promotion for my latest release, The Fifth Story , with an interview on You Gotta Read.

Happy weekend my bees!

And until next time,
Ivy B hoping you're now heading to You Gotta Read


Friday, September 21, 2012

Ivy B Blogging with Honoria Rivera at Come Hither Pumps

Good Friday to you Sweet Bees

I'm at it again...doing another guest post on another fun and sexy blog to help promote my latest Breathless Press release, The Fifth Story.

Today you can find me at 

My musings in this post are about two authors whom I adore and also find very inspiring. To find out who I'm talking about, follow the link above and join me at Come Hither Pumps.

Until next time,
Ivy B continuing down her promotional trail


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ivy B Blogging at Tempting Tales With Keria Kohl

Hello to all Sweet Bees...

How are all of you on this fine Wednesday? Today I'm visiting at another blog. If you like vampires,but you're not sure why, but are curious to know why I like them, then following this link

and join in my musings with a side of promotion and find out why I enjoy a nice set of fangs.

I've added a few more dates to The Fifth Story Blog Tour page so be sure to check it out and see where I'll be popping up for a chat.

See you at Keira's!

Ivy B

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ivy B Revealing the Winner...Later...

Greetings Sweet Bees

This is just a message I've written to kick in once the Bitten By Paranormal Romance Blog Hop is over. I will do a draw for my book, The Fifth Story, sometime on Monday. I can't say exactly when on Monday because I'm going to talk to someone about a job very early in the morning so sometime Monday evening is my guess.

You see I recently lost my wonderfully convenient, work from home, pick my projects and hours, copy writing job. Sadness...but chances are decent that I've found a part time, even if temporary job that will start next week. Also, it won't be in the house which is probably better for me.

Thanks to all who entered and if you don't hear from me, didn't win. :)

Until next time,
Ivy B hoping for work.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ivy B Hopping with Bitten By Paranormal Romance

Hello my Sweet Bees

And Welcome To The My Stop On The

The next few days will be very busy for those of you who love blog hops. As you can see from the list below there are 99 bloggers taking part in this event! All those who are participating are giving something away so be sure to stop on by all of our sites for a chance to win great prizes!

Here on Ivy B Misbehavin', in order to be entered into the draw for my latest release "The Fifth Story" I would like to do two wee things. (please and thanks)

1.) Follow my blog or subscribe by email (if you're not already following me.)
2.) Comment! However, I'm not looking for any ol' comment. I would like you to answer one simple question. Into what book or story would you like to find yourself? 

You see, in "The Fifth Story" my main character Bryn has to walk in the world of four stories she has written. Had she know that this was going to happen to her one day, she probably would have created prettier settings with nicer characters.

For myself, I'm right on board with the  "A Song of Ice and Fire Series." They are fantastic books and although I don't think I'd want to to LIVE in Westeros, I wouldn't mind having meal at one of their lavish castle parties. Every time I read the words "Trencher" or "Lemon Cakes" my mouth waters.

So, please follow my blog and tell me what story you'd like to find yourself in (and why if you have the time) and then I'll enter you into the draw for an e-copy of "The Fifth Story"., The winner will get to pick whatever ebook format suits them best. If you'd like to follow my blog too, that would be lovely. And of course, include you email in case you're the winner!

If you need your appetite wet a wee bit, here's a saucy excerpt from "The Fifth Story".


It was then that Bryn realized she was in trouble. She was trying to play along, to just pretend to become a pawn for Melusine to toy with, but she found herself fighting hard not to be taken in by these seductive women. She closed her eyes and tried to rid herself of the effect the witch and Katie were having on her body by focusing on why she was in her story in the first place.

Melusine took her resistance to mean fear. "Do not be afraid, my dear. Katie and I will take very good care of you." Melusine then leaned down and kissed Bryn fully on her lips. Bryn had never had an encounter of even a remotely sexual nature with a woman before. She had let the thought of it cross her mind from time to time, but she assumed in that in reality it wouldn't be to her liking, but she was wrong. The kiss was heavenly. Melusine moved her mouth over Bryn's softly and tenderly. Soon her sweet tongue gently licked Bryn's lips, and then entered her mouth. Bryn experimentally entwined her tongue with hers and opened her mouth wide, inviting the witch in deeper.

The kiss became more fevered. Bryn sensed that Melusine was enjoying it as much as she was. She took her free hand, the hand Katie wasn't suckling, and ran it through the witch's silky curtain of hair. Melusine gently ran her hands over Bryn's breast. She pinched her nipples through her T-shirt. Bryn moaned in approval and in turn moved her hand down the witch's neck to the center of her breasts. She resisted for a second, then ran her hand over the silky material of Melusine's dress. Her breasts were full and subtle. She forced her tongue into the witch's mouth even further and squeezed her breast. Melusine sighed and pulled away.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you, Bryn…just how far do you want us to go?"

Bryn grabbed onto Melusine's hair, pulling the witch back down. "As far as you want to go, my lady." She licked at the witch's lips.

Melusine gave her a wicked grin and parted Bryn's lips with her tongue. "Katie, my sweet," she said between deep kisses, "do something very nice for Bryn."

Katie immediately dropped Bryn's hand and lifted Bryn's shirt a few inches. She lowered her head and licked at her navel. Bryn's breathing became faster—her kisses with Melusine became more biting as Katie slipped a hand into her jogging pants. At first she ran her fingers over her panties, teasing her pussy lips and clit through the thin material. Bryn felt as if her body was on fire. She whined as the witch continued to kiss her and pulled away quickly, her breath taken away. Katie moved her fondling from the outside of her panties to the inside. Bryn arched her back as the pretty girl gently tapped her clit.

"Ooo…Melly, sweet Bryn is very wet." She giggled and slipped a finger into Bryn's slick hole. Bryn gasped and writhed on the floor. She pulled Melusine to her mouth and bit her lips while moaning loudly as Katie slipped two more fingers into her body and moved them in and out in a beautifully rhythmic way.

"Oh, Melly, our new friend feels so tight and warm. Do you want to feel her, Melly? Do you want a turn?"

"Not now, my dear. You seem to be doing just fine with Bryn."

"Thank you, Melly. Bryn is so much fun." She aggressively returned her fingers between Bryn's legs and corkscrewed them in and out of her slick tunnel. Bryn cried out. It was all too much, too surreal. Melusine put her fingers in Bryn's mouth. Bryn sucked at them eagerly. She was going to come, she wanted to so badly, but didn't she have something else she should be doing?


So I hope you all enjoyed that little bit of spice. And I hope you'll now take the time to enter my contest.
And after you do, be sure the check out the list below and keep hopping!

Until next time, 
Ivy  B Hopping Too!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ivy B Guest Blogging at Bitten By Parnormal Romance

Hello and Good Wednesday to you Sweet Bees

Today, on the next stop on my The Fifth Story Promotional Trail, I am pleased to say that I'm guest blogging on Bitten By Paranormal Romance; a very fitting site for me to promote since The Fifth Story is most definitely paranormal.

Before you head off to read my guest post, I just wanted to say thank-you again to all the people who hosted me on September, 7th, the release day for this book. Also, a thank-you in advance to the people who are hosting me in the near future and of course today.

Thanks very much to Laurie at Bitten by Paranormal Romance for hosting me today. And tomorrow is the start of the Bitten By Paranormal and Giselle Bisset Over 18 Blog Hop and Giveaway. It runs from tomorrow, the 13th at midnight to midnight on the16th and I, along with 98 other bloggers and sites, will be participating in this fun event.

So be sure to stop on by Ivy B Misbehavin' tomorrow as well and begin the hop with me! I'll be having a wee contest on my blog and the winner will receive a free e-copy of The Fifth Story.

But right now, my guest blog. See you at 


Until next time,
Ivy B working on her promotional skills.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ivy B Blushing

Hello to my Sweet Bees! 

I'd like to share something with you. The following is a conversation I had with my mother yesterday afternoon when she came over for a quick visit.

"So I bought your book."

I blinked a couple times and stared at her. And then through a grimace I said" And Mum, why'd you do that?"

"Oh no, not your first one, the one that just came out."

"It doesn't matter! This one is graphic too!"

"So? It's not like I have never read anything like that before."

"Yes but it never read anything like that that was written by your daughter!"

"It'll be fine."

"Okay… but you've been warned...and I hope you'll still respect me."

And then we had a hearty laugh about how she would actually have to have respect for me in the first place in order to lose respect for me.

Ha, Ha, Ha...I think she was kidding...?

But I digress.

When she said she bought my book she meant that she bought my e-book The Fifth Story that came out from Breathless Press on September 7/2012. For those of you who don't know, it's a paranormal erotic novel about a girl named Bryn who gets pulled into the world of her own stories. While she's in a couple of her stories she does things with a few of her characters that I can only assume will make my mother blush. 

The issue of a family member maybe reading one of my saucier books has been one that has plagued me since my first erotic novella, Between the Lines, came out in January. It's a silly issue because if I wrote violent books or horror novels I would have no problem with any family member reading my work. But because my writing has graphic sex in it I get uncomfortable with the idea of somebody I'm related to reading it even if they are fans of erotica. Not that I have to worry that my father will read it. He's not ashamed of me in anyway but I think on some level, even I'm married and have a child, that he would prefer to think that his daughter doesn't actually get involved in sex.

Perhaps I'm not making a lot of sense; perhaps I making too much of a deal about it. We all have sex, or a great many of us do, and we don't always do it, for lack of a better word, nicely. It's not like my mother and I have never been open about sex. I've always been able to talk to her about everything. Besides it's not like all of the sex in my books is based on personal experience and so that when she reads it she'll be reading actual accounts of what her daughter has done sexually. No, most of it is just stuff I found in my imagination and thought it would look good on paper. No, to the best of my knowledge I have never had relations with space vampire.

When it comes to writing, for me, although the sex is fun to write, I first try to focus on crafting a good story. What I really want readers to take away from one of my books it isn't just how graphic the sex scenes were (and I'm fully aware that there are far more graphic sex scenes in other books that what I've written. I'm not trying to say I'm an expert) but I really hope that when readers are finished that they will think about the story as a whole. I hope that they will feel that the story worked, that it made sense and that they understood the characters and their motivations. I hope that, even for a little while, the story will stick with them.

In my mother's case, I hope that she'll enjoy the story enough that she'll forget that her daughter wrote it while she's reading it.

Now for those of you out there who are reading this who are writers of erotic fiction, how do you feel about family members reading your work? 

It's a thought puzzle, that's for sure!

Until next time,
Ivy B cringing...just a little.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Ivy B Celebrating The Release of The Fifth Story!


Hello to all my Sweet Bees!

And welcome to September, 7th/2012. Welcome to the release day for The Fifth Story.  Today will be a busy day of promoting and chatting and hopping around the blogs and I hope that you will follow along. And don't worry. You won't be reading the same topic over and over. Every blog that I am on today has a different posting.

 I would like to thank Linda Kage and Mary Corrales very much for welcoming me  back to their blogs and I am happy to say that both of these wonderful authors will be appearing on Ivy B Misbehavin' in October. 

The Fifth Story is my second ebook with Breathless Press and so I have appeared on their blog in the past, but thank-you very much to Lee Brazil for getting my posting on the blog in time for release day.

I would also like to thank Lisa as well for having me on her blog today. This is my first appearance on, her blog, A Tasty Read, and I hope it won't be the last.

Also, a very big thank-you to Breathless Press for saying yes a second time to my work. Thank-you to all the people how had a hand in helping me get it to the web and for making it pretty.

A huge thank-you to NaNoWriMo for their inspiring yearly novel writing month of frenzy. If it wasn't for you and  your contest, this book wouldn't even exist.

So, that's enough of me! Get hopping to the blogs listed below and drop a line to say hello.

Ivy B guest blogging with Lisa at A Tasty Read

Ivy B guest blogging on Breathless Press 

 The Fifth Story is available for purchase at Breathless Press and on All Romance Ebooks. Soon it will be available at and more.

Thank-you again to everyone for their support of this book and for all the promotional help I have received. Remember, this is just the beginning! I'm on tour until the end of October so stay tuned to my blog or check out The Fifth Story Blog Tour Page for where and when I'll be out and about promoting The Fifth Story.

Until next time,

Ivy B hoping that, should you purchase her book, that you enjoy it.