Friday, September 7, 2012

Ivy B Celebrating The Release of The Fifth Story!


Hello to all my Sweet Bees!

And welcome to September, 7th/2012. Welcome to the release day for The Fifth Story.  Today will be a busy day of promoting and chatting and hopping around the blogs and I hope that you will follow along. And don't worry. You won't be reading the same topic over and over. Every blog that I am on today has a different posting.

 I would like to thank Linda Kage and Mary Corrales very much for welcoming me  back to their blogs and I am happy to say that both of these wonderful authors will be appearing on Ivy B Misbehavin' in October. 

The Fifth Story is my second ebook with Breathless Press and so I have appeared on their blog in the past, but thank-you very much to Lee Brazil for getting my posting on the blog in time for release day.

I would also like to thank Lisa as well for having me on her blog today. This is my first appearance on, her blog, A Tasty Read, and I hope it won't be the last.

Also, a very big thank-you to Breathless Press for saying yes a second time to my work. Thank-you to all the people how had a hand in helping me get it to the web and for making it pretty.

A huge thank-you to NaNoWriMo for their inspiring yearly novel writing month of frenzy. If it wasn't for you and  your contest, this book wouldn't even exist.

So, that's enough of me! Get hopping to the blogs listed below and drop a line to say hello.

Ivy B guest blogging with Lisa at A Tasty Read

Ivy B guest blogging on Breathless Press 

 The Fifth Story is available for purchase at Breathless Press and on All Romance Ebooks. Soon it will be available at and more.

Thank-you again to everyone for their support of this book and for all the promotional help I have received. Remember, this is just the beginning! I'm on tour until the end of October so stay tuned to my blog or check out The Fifth Story Blog Tour Page for where and when I'll be out and about promoting The Fifth Story.

Until next time,

Ivy B hoping that, should you purchase her book, that you enjoy it.



Erin OQuinn said...

Dear Ivy,

I've shared your book and blog on my FB timeline with my other friends, and on Twitter. I wish you tons of success. You're one of those "going someplace" authors about whom I can say "I knew her when!"

Ivy Bateman said...

Thank-you Erin!! I really appreciate the shouts outs and support!

Tammy Biickert said...

Yay! It's release day! Congrats! Take it easy on the book tour. Gotta pace yourself.

Can't wait to get a read. (Still waiting for BP to send me my link to download it.) :)