Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ivy B talking about Darkness and her Gramma

Hello and happy Wednesday  Sweet Bees

I'm not sure what happened exactly...clearly wire got crossed or the owner of the blog I was supposed to be on today is busy or has other things to do...and that's anyway...I now present to you the guest post that was supposed to be on another blog today.


Ivy B sleepy today. I started a new job and  no, this isn't going to be a blog post about that but instead of me talking about , well, me and I thought I'd pass this blog post over to one of the characters in my latest Breathless Press ebook release, The Fifth Story. It's a paranormal erotic adventure about a girl named Bryn who gets lured into the world of her own stories by a very seductive shadow creature she names Darkness.

And that's whom I'd like to pass this blog off to right now and yet...I can't seem to find him. That's the trouble with Darkness: when it's dark or light, he can't be seen, but—Yowsa! You can feel him! Ha! Ha! He's a sneaky creature who has very little regard for personal space. Darkness, if you could just get off know you should cut it out...I am a married woman. I'm not sure my husband would approve of you places...Ok, he's gone. Well, that's no good. I didn't mean for him to leave outright. I wanted to ask him about his motivation in The Fifth Story and if he would consider himself a villain or a hero? 

He's a little bit sensitive though so he's probably off sulking. 

Well, if he's going to be that way, I'll talk about Darkness. He's the type of character who is hard to put a label on. His motivation in The Fifth Story is to leave the place he is stuck in and his need is great enough that his desire to escape defines him. He is really neither evil nor good. His is a creature with one goal and the mission he sends Bryn on is driven by what he needs. Much like a hero, he cares for the heroine and shows, from time to time, noble-ish qualities. However, much like the villain, he feels justified in his actions, even when they put Bryn in harm's way, because he feels his purpose, his motivation will serve the greater good.

What's that Darkness? You don't feel that's an accurate description of you? How am I making you sound selfish? I was trying to tell the readers that you are a character with layers.  You don't like the word villain, well, that's too bad. That's the way you spoke to me when I was writing you. Both sides of the character coin if you will. I think it's a flattering description, but you —ok, well, he's gone again.

But if you'd like to discover the many sides of Darkness for yourself, be sure to get yourself a copy of The Fifth Story. I think that my description of Darkness is quite fair, even though he disagrees and is off sulking in a corner...again.


Today is also my Grandmother's birthday. She passed away over 11 years ago and if she had still been with us she would have turned 95 today. I often wonder what she would have thought of my new career as an erotic writer. More likely than not she would have giggled like a school girl much as she did when she told my husband and I, a few months before she passed, that she heard women on Oprah talking about their clitorises. I laughed along with her while my dear one just sat still and blinked a lot which is something he does when he's too shocked to speak.  He wasn't shocked in regards to the women on Oprah, but that my 84 year old Grandmother had said "clitoris" in front of him. :) It's one of my happiest memories involving my Gramma.

So Gramma, wherever you're flying about today (she wanted to come back as a one legged sea gull and we believe that she did) I hope you have a beautiful birthday.

Until next time,

Ivy B thinking of her Gramma and the time she asked my mother what a blow job was while they were out fishing. Sound really carries over water, as you know, and those fishing a distance away, soon got a lot closer. 


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Linda Kage said...

I think it's an accurate description of Darkness too! What a fun post! I don't know if my mom would know what a blow job was if I had ever asked her! Too cute.