Monday, November 26, 2012

Ivy B at the start of the blog tour!

Good Monday to you Sweet Bees

Did you all have a nice weekend? Mine weekend was quite busy and productive. Well...Saturday wasn't terribly productive, unless you count taking a over an hour to curl your hair only to have it fall out of its curl within another hour because your hair is too straight, productive. So, why the time spent on my hair? It was my husband's office Christmas party on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun. I live in fairly small town so no matter where I go, chances are good that I will know someone. And I did. Not only does the sister of a friend of mine work with my husband (and she did last year a different job...and I saw her at that Christmas party too...should I be worried?? ;] ) but her husband was the DJ and he sold me our car. Small town connections amuse me.

Anyhoo, I LOVE to dance and I'm not saying I'm awesome, but I have it on good authority that I'm awesome. A few people told my husband that. He even offered me to one of his co-workers, but she's already in a relationship with another lass and so had to pass me up. Poor thing. But back to me and my awesome dancing...the only problem with going out once a year to dance and rock out full tilt for over 2 and half hours with reckless abandon and all the rhythm of an overcharged jellyfish is that you pay for it later. Well, I do anyway. The party was 2 days ago and I'm still sore. Shoulders, neck, calves...but it was worth it. Plus, I showed everyone there that I meant business when I put my no longer curled hair up in a pony tail and kicked my shoes off! I believe I said to my friend's sister...

"I've got my hair up and my shoes off. I ain't kidding around! I am ready to throw down with you people bee-atch."  Did I mention I'd had almost a full bottle of wine?

So, all this rambling about my one night of dancing like a mad fool has almost left me forgetting about my point which is that today is a start of the Breathless Press Blog tour that I'm very happy to be a part of. The first two stops on the tour for our gang are....


And so I'd like to thank

And Breathless Press for setting this up! Hopefully it will be a great way to bring people over to the Ivy side. I can always use more Sweet Bees. So, stop on by the tour spots. I believe if you hit them all, you'll be entered in a contest for a gift card from Breathless Press.

And to wrap up this blog entry, which was much longer than I had intended, Sunday, when I was not hobbling around the house, I managed to do a character interview for the Breathless Press Blog, do another wee post for a fellow Breathless Press Author and play catch up on my Nano 2012 story. I was two days behind so that's 3300 words to do, but I managed. If you're interested in reading something TOTALLY RIDICULOUS and not spicy, check out my Nano story page.

With that, I'm going to buzz off.

Until tomorrow,

Ivy B feeling a little bit silly today



Linda Kage said...

Hi!! I'm back in bloggie world, so I'll be checking out your stops today! Hope you're not sore any longer, but I also hope it was worth it. I love to dance. Taught my daughter the chicken dance and the hokey pokey this weekend. She loved them both!

Ivy Bateman said...

Nice to see you again! Thanks for the shout outs on my blog tour. :) And yes, the dancing pain was totally worth getting through. I'm better today than I was on Sunday and tomorrow I should be right as rain. I remember when I taught my girl the chicken dance...she was so confused. :) Now I teach her things like "The waiter" and "Shopping with grocery cart." Good times!