Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ivy B Back on the BP Blog Tour

Hello Sweet Bees

And greetings to you on this snowy Thursday. Well, it's snowing where I am. Not a lot, but enough to remind us that winter is near and that means Christmas is coming. Am I ready? Ha! Ha! Ha!

That would be a big no. Now that I've completed Nanowritmo 2012 (yea me!) it's time for me to put on my Santa hat and get in the Christmas groove. I usually start with getting my Christmas cards out and then work on decorating, but this year I was so wrapped up in Nano, that the time to write out cards just didn't happen. There is however, a tree in our living room with lights half on it and half on the floor...I should probably get that in order before I do anything else. 

So why though, for the half lit tree? Well, you see I'm a genius, or so I thought. I love Christmas trees, but I really don't like putting light on them and so for the last couple of years, I've managed to put away my tree with the lights still on it. Christmas seasons comes, I haul the tree upstairs, pull down the branches and I'm halfway to Christmas. But this year, when I brought up the tree and plugged in the lights, my annoyance rose to the surface immediately as I observed that the middle strand of lights had decided to not join in the fun this year...The Middle Strand!

I life is rough. Anyway, I need to re-strand the whole thing but because I loath the lighting portion of tree time I've been procrastinating in a major way, like right now for instance. I didn't have to write a long blog post to let you know that today, the Breathless Press Blog Tour is stopping by at

But if I leave the computer, the tree will ensnare me, quite literally which is one reason I keep putting it off. The twisty branches are scratchy and always get caught in my sweater...again...I know my life is fraught with Christmas peril....poor Ivy.

Ok, Ok, I'll quit my whining and go be festive and decorate. You in the mean time, should please stop by and say hello to Tawania and if you haven't done so already at another tour stop, check out the great Breathless Press Books this weeks Blog Tour.

A big thank-you to Tawania for hosting us today and another thank-you to BP and Goddess Fish for setting it up.

Until tomorrow Sweet Bees,

Ivy B getting caught up in the Christmas spirit


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