Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ivy B Having a Nano Adventure

Good morning Sweet Bees

I hope that all of you are having a lovely Sunday. In my neck of the woods it's a bit of a grim Sunday and I just had an argument with my daughter so not only am I feeling oppressed by the closeness of the dark clouds, I'm also feeling like "Mother of the Year!". Ha, Ha! Wonderful way to start a Sunday...

But, let's shake this mood off and get on with the happy.

I've a few things I'd like to chat about this morning, the first to do with the title of the blog posting. Yes, it's the time of year again, it's Nano Time. I'm participating this year and for fun I'm going to blog my writings. This will help me to feel like I'm doing something for someone because I actually work better when I think that maybe at least one person will read my work. I love to write, I really do, but I've never been the kind of writer that can write "just because" or "just for me". The funny thing is that I don't even need to know in the end if someone actually has read my work. It's just the idea that somebody might that helps keep my writing fires burning.

Ok, so here's a link for you  Ivy's Un-Spicy 2012 Nano Novel.

If you're in the mood for something a little weird and very, very silly, than this novel is for you. It's very much NOT in the erotic vein and so maybe has no place on this blog, but not only am I an erotic fiction writer, I also write pieces the whole family can enjoy.

I will be posting often on this page, so take a gander from time to time and dive into the weird side of Ivy...or weirder anyway...

So, in other topics, last Monday I was listening to Q, CBC  radio and Jian was chatting with...sigh...John Taylor of Duran Duran. I say...sigh...because this man do I put this without sounding super lame...When I was about 11 or 12 I developed a huge crush on Michael J. Fox. He was so adorable and cute and talented and Canadian; how could I not want to plaster my room with his pictures! And, although I still carry a torch for MJF, the crush was definitely, then as now, on the innocent side.

However, John Taylor (whose name, as it turns out, is actually Nigel Taylor), brought out the more "womanly" or let's face it, "sexual" crush like feelings that eventually a girl experiences. This monumental event happened one afternoon when I got home from school and flipped on Much Music. The movie 91/2 weeks had just come out and John Taylor had released a solo piece "I do what I do" for the soundtrack. In the video, he's sitting in a dark, smokey theatre, observing the antics of Kim and Mickey on the screen and while I was watching the video, boom - I felt odd. I'm not sure why John and why then. I'd been a Duran Duran fan for a a while and hadn't given him much thought, but perhaps it was the look on his face, or his voice...or the shadowy way he as being filmed...but whatever it was, this crush was very different than the one I had for MJF.

Now,  you may be thinking that "the feelings" had more to do with the scenes from 9 1/2 weeks shown in the video or Mickey, but believe me when I say blah. Mickey R has all the appeal for me as nails on a chalkboard and years later when I saw the movie, I was more appalled by the atrocious acting than turned on by the doings on screen. No, it was John all they way and so when I heard him on the radio, promoting his biographical novel, I giggled and clapped my hands, had a little trip to the past all while my husband grinned at me.

For my last topic, and it's brief so no worries. You'll be released to your Sunday very soon, I'll just say a quick, one day late,  Happy Birthday to the man who was my muse for Between the Lines. And that's all I'll say about that because if his stand up has any bit of truth in it, he would be mortified that I used him as a muse for that book.

Until next time,
Ivy B is wondering if you remember your first crush.


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Tammy Biickert said...

I had a good chuckle about John Taylor (I've actually not seen 9 1/2 Weeks!). I was a Duranie too. In fact my bedroom walls were wallpapered with pics from Bop magazine. You could not see the paint underneath. I couldn't decide between Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes (much to my husband's amusement). I guess my crush/infatuation vacillated between them, Andrew Ridgeley, and a couple of blokes from Spandau Ballet. Even then...what a tart! :)