Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ivy B on Blog Tour Break


Hello and Happy Wednesday Sweet Bees

Well, today the Breathless Press Blog Tour is taking a wee break. We were scheduled to make a stop at

but it appears that Alyson, who runs the site, is very sick and was unable to host us today. Poor thing. I hope she'll be up and at them soon.

So instead, as my coffee works it's way through my system and my hands slowly come to life, let's talk about "BIIIIIIIRRRRDMAN!"

"What?" You ask.
 "Who?" You ask.
 And if know what or who I am talking about you may asking "Why on this day would you want to talk about a Hanna Barbera Cartoon about a superhero who's kind of like Hawkman from the DC comic universe, but is a lot less cool?"

I'll tell you why because last year my brother gave my husband a suitcase full of DVDs (and that's not a metaphor or an exaggeration, he really did give him a suitcase full of DVDs). Amongst this suitcase collection were a few movies, but mainly the abundant haul in his suitcase contained full seasons of TV's series including all 6 seasons of the George Reeves Superman Series. It's pretty sweet, if you can handle the Lois that comes in on season two...I miss first season Lois.  Anyway in this particular Superman series, Superman doesn't mess around. He's not like Smallville Superman who has to weigh all his punching maneuvers against his moral code and then have a long discussion about trust or honesty with Lana or Lex. No, George Reeves's Superman was all about business. If there was a wall to break through and a guy to punch beyond the wall, he got the job done. He just walked in a did it. Boom! Lights out evil doers! Time to save Lois and oh...of course Jimmy. Jimmy why, in so many episodes, do I find you bound in some way? It's almost as if you like to be tied up...Sweetness.

So, yes, brought forth from the magic suitcase were a few live action TV series, but most of them were cartoon TV series which was/is totally cool. I like cartoons. Some of them a great deal. One of my favourties is Samuri Jack. Wow. Talk about a guy who doesn't mess around, plus the animation is incredible and the backgrounds are gorgeous. However some of cartoons are...well...I'm a very visual person and if I don't like the character design, if it's creepy or just plain awful, I have trouble watching it. Cheesy dialogue is painful too and cartoons with laugh tracks?  Gah...just chuck me under a bus now! It would hurt less! So, for example I just...I just can't watch Johnny Quest. It's too...stilted and often makes no sense and when the writers wanted to take a smoke break or go work on their great American novel, the scene will be filled with the whacky antics of Bandit (a dog) entertaining Johnny and Haji while Dr. Quest and his shirtless friend Rex something or other take off in shark infested waters to hunt down the evil jelly fish enslavers...or whatever. Actually, what's really funny about Johnny Quest is that my husband, if he's tired, can't get through an episode. He's says that the show is like a cup of warm milk. If he's having trouble sleeping, his remedy is often a cup of Johnny. He'll put on an episode and 9 times out of 10, he'll wake up with the menu on.  I'm usually writhing in "good gravy this is the worst show ever" agony to find anything soothing about Johnny Quest and his whacky gang of sidekicks.

Wow...I've strayed....back to "Birdman". Last evening, my husband was partaking of an episode or two of this ridiculous show about a man who has wings, who wears a mustard coloured cowl, is solar powered and hangs out with a blue, squawking eagle named Avenger who often glares at Birdman as though he would like to no longer be his faithful sidekick, but would rather rip Birdman's flesh from his bones and bring it home to his wife as a gift; a wife he ever gets to see,who is raising his children, or eaglests, he'll never know because he's stuck being Birdman's lackie.

Birdman's powers, are all "solar" related in some way. He can shoot solar powered rays or bullets or fireballs from his hands and melt things or patch things up or blow things up and apprently, his solar power can break the impact of mind control! I know eh? Shocking! Even Mentok the Mind Taker was baffled at this turn of events! When Birdman, uses his solar power rays to helps save Avenger from it's mental grip, Mentok actually looks at the screen and says "Birdman's solar rays have broken through my mind powers, but how?" And when Avenger rescues Birdman for the evil grips of Mentok's Mind Control, by carrying Birdman to great heights to be near the sun and recharge his solar engery, the mind power is broken and again you get NO explantion! None! It's just how it is.

So, when we had finished watching the episode, I turned to my husband we had this conversation:

Me: "So, Birdman's solar powers can stop mind control?"
S: "Apprently."
Me: "But how?"
S: "Well...if someone is using mind control on you, solar power can stop it."
Me: "Ok, but how?"
S: "I just told you. When you apply solar power to mind control, it stops it."

I don't think he knows either...Sigh...I guess it's one of the mysteries of the cartoon universe that will never be least for me anyway. I'm sure there are forums filled with explanations as to how this mind control can be defeated by solar powers.

So, I'm leaving you now. Don't be sad. The blog tour should be back on tomorrow and I'll return with another fantastic and terribly interesting post to go with Thursday's blog tour day. 

Until tomorrow,

Ivy B finishing off her Nanonovel and wondering if you will take the time to find out how mind powers can be defeated by solar powers.



Mary Corrales said...

A suitcase full of DVDs. You lucky girl. :)

Samurai Jack is very cool. I also like Rurouni Kenshin. Probably spelled that wrong, but anyway.

Birdman...ummm, if I'm tired it's very funny, but then most cartoons are funnier when you're tired.

Ha, glad to know I'm not the only one who loves cartoons. :D

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