Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ivy B Tagging Linda Kage

Hello and Happy Wednesday to you my Sweet Bees

This will be a quick entry partly because I meant to write it last night and I forgot and now I'm in a hurry because I'm sitting in my robe and I need to get out the door in about a half hour AND I've only had half a cup of coffee and coffee helps the brain bits think and my hands go, which is a process that takes about 2 cups of coffee AND this post really isn't about me!

Last Wednesday I played "The Next Big Thing" and as I mentioned in my post I tagged the wonderful author Linda Kage to be my victim, I mean, to play tag with me. So, be sure to be good little Sweet Bees and buzz on over to Linda's blog to find out about one of her Works in Progress "Cry".

And that is all for me today. I'm off to finish my coffee and then go drink more coffee with a friend when I meet her for breakfast. I should probably get dressed though...they may not let me into the diner if I'm still wearing my oh so dashing fuzzy and sheddy red robe paired with flannel jammie bottoms with snowmen running rampant on them. However, they may not care. Many people around here have  penchant for leaving their homes on purpose in their pj bottoms and Ugs.  I could rant, but I'll just let that statement hang there.

Until next time, 

Ivy B wishing all her American Sweet Bee's a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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