Monday, December 17, 2012

Ivy B Blog Hopping & Promoting Her Book Trailer!

Yes, that's right Sweet Bees!

I finally finished my book trailer for Baby, You're Cold Inside coming to cyber shelves everywhere this Friday, December, 21/12! And, in case you're wondering, it is available for pre-order now at Breathless Press.

But first, before I post it...I'm still blog hopping away with the Blog Hop Spot's Purrrfectly Giftastic Blog Hop!

The Blog Hop Spot's Christmas Blog Hop


I'd like to thank all of you who have come on Ivy B Misbehavin this weekend and entered my contest. If you're just joining in the blog hop fun, please take the time to enter my blog hop contest.  My contest is simple; just become a follower on my blog (if you're not already), or follow me on twitter (if you don't already) or like my facebook page (if you don't like me yet) and then leave a comment with your email address. Tomorrow morning, using a random number picker from the handy, I will chose one lucky winner.

And then of course, after you've entered my contest, please use the link above and hop around to the blogs of the other many, many authors who are participating in the Christmas blog hop.

And NOW (drum roll...or counter top roll...or gymasticky type roll..) my book trailer for Baby, You're Cold Inside!

I know that this book trailer doesn't say "Hey there Sexy Book..." but it's fun and was a leap of faith. In order to create this book trailer I had to have my husband (who is a fantastic artist and animator) teach me the basics of the program FLASH in order for me to create the oh so fantastic drawings in my book trailer. I say leap of faith because I'm not a very patient student, at least when my husband is trying to show me something, and often if it's my husband and I and a computer in between, it's all out war. However, everything worked out and I managed to learn with minimal squabbling. 

However, before he showed me how to use the program, he volunteered to do the drawings for me, (perhaps as a preemptive strike against possible fighting) but no..I wanted to wow you with my mad (and when I say mad I mean mad as in crazy bad and not crazy good) artistic skills and do them all on my own. I'm quite pleased with the end result. It's fun and very silly, but that, my dear Sweet Bees, is me. :) Ok...not always the FUN because I can be quite the cranky pants a great deal of the time, but definitely the SILLY.

Enjoy the video and then hop to another blog!

Until next time,

Ivy B working on her guest post for Linda Kage with all speed since she COMPLETELY FORGOT to do it on the weekend.



Erin OQuinn said...

Well done, Ivy Bateman! Your enthusiasm is always contagious. Now I can greet Monday with a smile instead of a groan and a growl. :~))

Linda Kage said...

My meanie computer won't let me see your video. I think I'll hope over to YouTube and see if I can find it there! It sounds like it was really fun to make. Congrats. And take your time on the post. We have until Friday! Hugs.

Ivy Bateman said...

:) Thank-you Erin! Glad I was able to put a smile on your face. Wow...I was typing too quickly and I almost wrote "snail on your face"...I hope to never to do that...

Ivy Bateman said...

Thanks Linda! Always appreciate you stopping by!

Shadow said...

What an awesome hop!! And a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!! Happy holidays to you all! Best wishes and many blessings!
GFC: shadow_kohler
FB: Shadow Kohler
Twitter: LuvToRead09

Ivy Bateman said...

Thanks for stopping by Shadow and Happy Holidays to you too!