Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ivy B Sharing Her Blog with Mary Corrales

Hello and good Tuesday to you Sweet Bees

Today I have a very special guest on my blog. She's been here before and I'm happy to have her back! Please Welcome Mary Corrales! (applause, applause) Take it away Mary!


Hi Ivy, Thanks for letting me visit your readers. If you don't mind, I thought I'd share my letter to Santa with them and see what they think. Here goes…

Dear Santa,

I've been naughty.

I'm sure I don't need to tell you about all my naughty deeds. Yes, I've kissed a man or two this year. 

Yes, I've flirted with dozens more, I can assure you not a single one minded.

I know I've had wicked thoughts throughout the year, but please remember that I'm a professional writer and must think of sex often. I assure you it's strictly business. No, I did not just snicker.

I've tried to be nice to others as you said, and do one good deed unto my fellow man each day. 

Finding a man to do a good deed unto isn't always easy though. We might need to talk about that one again. Does the same man multiple times, count?

Anyway, I look forward to your visit. I recently bought sparkly gold, high heel shoes on sale. I know you like silver and gold, so I'll wear them for you on Christmas when you stop by.
our peanut butter kiss cookies will be warm from the oven when you arrive. Please don't be pass me by.


Here's wishing all of Ivy's lovely Bees a wonderful Holiday and a very Merry Christmas.  Whether celebrating with family and friends or just by yourself, may you be blessed with all the goodness and joy of the Season.



My goodness...well judging by your letter Mary,  I'm afraid that it is clear that you have been a very naughty girl this year..BUT That's Ok! Who of us out there hasn't at least been a little bit bad this year? Many of us may be facing an empty stocking this Christmas due to our not so saintly behavior. However, in your case Mary, I think your letter and honest confession of naughtiness to Santa will not drive him away at all. More likely, you'll have a big sack of goodies waiting for you under your tree this year because of this letter! Keep up the good work!

For those of you who are not familiar with Mary's work, you should check out her website  Mary Corrales: Romance Author Lifestyle.

Mary's work is available for purchase at

Breathless Press
and more!

If you have someone very naughty on your list and you have yet to buy a gift for them, on of Mary's books would make an excellent gift! 

Thank-you very much for stopping by Mary! And once again, I'd like to thank everyone who hopped on by during the blog hop I participated in on the weekend. I'll be emailing the winner of my contest very soon! (If I haven't already!)

Until next time,

Ivy B getting ready for a very busy week!



Erin OQuinn said...

Hello, Ladies, and Merry Christmas~

Mary, I share your angst, the difficulty of finding a good man "to do a good deed unto"...So we have to create him and share him wth our readers when we're done doing it...

Anonymous said...

What happens between me and Kylar, STAYS between me and Kylar!! Santa isnt going to know, and neither are you, Mary! (naughty grin here)......SO, on that note Im officially blaming YOU for putting me on the naughty list. YOU created that sexy man!

Christmas (NICE!) Hugs, Kari Thomas, www.authorkari.com

Mary Corrales said...

*big grin* Isn't that the truth, Erin. Ah, so my writing is actually a good deed unto humanity. Oh, that makes me sound kinda saintly. Lol. Okay, I won't go that far, but I do love to write for my readers.

Mary Corrales said...

Lol. Yeah, like you needed my help getting on the naughty list. I've read your books; Temptation Unleashed, Surrender Her Touch, etc. Innocent book titles, I think not.

Huge Hugs back!

Ivy Bateman said...

I honestly believe that we all need to be a little naughty...it makes life so much more interesting! Thanks so much for joining me on Ivy B, Mary! Come back any time!

Talullah Rose said...

Love it...x

Janice Seagraves said...

Ya, for naughty.

Mary Corrales said...

Indeed, Hooray for naughty! My ladies, Talullah and Janice know what fun it is. :)

Mary Corrales said...

Thanks so much, Ivy. You're always a blast to hang out with!