Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ivy B Working On a Book Trailer

Soon Sweet Bees...soon I should say...I will be working on my Baby, You're Cold Inside, book trailer.

It's not going to be very serious because well, this book isn't. It's a comedy, with erotica and a lot of sass. I hope it does well (hint, hint),but as I've said before in a guest post on another blog, once I deliver it to the universe, it doesn't just belong to me anymore and I can't force people to feel good or bad about it. It will be what it is...or something like that.

So, today being 12/12/12 I figured I should get a post up for you all. I didn't look at the clock at 12:12, but I did look at it at 12:40. Whoop-dee-do? Whoop-dee-don't my Sweet Bees. For some unknown universal law, I have been looking at the clock at 12:40 on a regular basis for almost 20 years. Why? Who knows. Who cares? Well, no one but me I suppose. But it's irritating. I'll wake from a dead sleep and it will be 12:40. I'll not look at my watch for hours and when I do it will be 12:40.

And no, it's not an internal clocky's a "it doesn't even matter what time zone or if we've just switched the clocks" kind of thingy. And as I said, it's been happening consistently for almost 20 years.

Does it mean anything? Probably not. It's just a weird quirky anomaly to go with my many other quirky anomalies such as: when the inside of my left elbow joint itches, the left side of my tongue itches. Ya, I know! I should take it on the road!

Ok, I'm off to the races, but not before I tell you a quick tale. In the first 10 years of my marriage, my husband I moved a lot and for many of those moves our friend...we'll simply call him J, helped us move (thank-you J!). During one move, J carried my basket of yarn to our new bedroom or the truck or someplace and on the way he said to my husband...

"What's in the basket? All your equipment for Wicked Wicker Wednesdays?" I've where J came up with that hilarious phrase and I don't know why I feel the need to share this wee tale. Perhaps because it's Wednesday, a unique Wednesday and because J is one of the most unique people I've ever met.

As a side note, J also assumed we kept a sex swing in a large trunk that we kept in our bedroom...

Have a lovely 12/12/12 my Sweet Bees. I'll be back by Friday with my Blog Hop post and hopefully with my new book trailer.

Until next time,

Ivy B looking for that basket of "yarn".


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