Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ivy B Whispering Over Small Things

 Hello Sweet Bees and Welcome to Thursday!

It's the second to last day of the Breathless Press Blurb Blitz! Today we're over at

  See Jane Publish

(Or not...I just poped by to say Thank-you and like one of the sites we were supposed to be on yesterday, we aren't there...maybe later???)

so please stop by and comment. If you comment, you'll be entered to win a Gift Card from Breathless Press. If you don't comment...well, chances are you won't win the Gift Card from Breathless Press. I mean...I don't want to assume, but I'm pretty sure, much like the lottery, you've got to play to win.

Wow...I totally sounded like an ad for the lottery. Sorry about that. 

Ok, back to the blog post! It'll just be a short one. The Doctor is waiting for me. Oh WHO can enough of the Doctor? Not me! sigh...

My stars, I'm getting distracted far too easily today. Alright, so the other day my daughter and I reorganized her room (the things I do for fun would drive you to boggle...not the game...I mean your thoughts would be tampered with in a weird way) and while we were looking at a small box that held her first pair of baby shoes, we both started speaking to each other very quietly. It was my daughter who pointed out that our voices had dropped to the smallness of the shoes.

"Why do we do that?" she asked.

"Do what?"

"Talk really quietly when we think something is small and cute?"

"You know...I don't know...but we do! That's so weird!"

"Ya, right? And then when we see something REALLY BIG, we talk really loud like HOLY COW!"

"That's really funny!" I said, "I've never thought about that before..."

So, I ask you, my dear sweet bees, why is that? When we were looking at the shoes, it's not like there was a sleeping baby wearing them; a sleeping baby that we would wake up if we expressed our delight and joy in loud and uproarious tones! And yes, you must agree, that when you see something grand like a...I don't know...a really big snow removal machine tearing up half your lawn, you must increase your volume of exasperation and yell "They do this every year, why oh why do they do this every year!?" like I do! Or maybe you don't...

My point is, or more to the point, my question to you is: are my daughter and I alone and insane or do you, sweet bees, lower your voice when cooing over something small and sweet and raise your voice in a most unnatural fashion when faced with something large?  And I'm not being rude...I suppose I could be...this  blog of mine does have a warning on it...but I never manged to make it terribly saucy...Oh well!

Ok, I must dash. The Doctor awaits and I believe he will be very appreciative of my reaction to size of his TARDIS. (again...not being's bigger on the inside you know.)

Until next time, 

Ivy B working on her list! Really! Tomorrow or list will be ready for your approval, scrutiny, inevitable laughter and head shaking.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ivy B Giving You the Dirt

Hello Sweet Bee and welcome to Wednesday

Today, the Breathless Press Blurb Blitz is once again hanging around two blogs for your blurb blitzing pleasure.  Even if you've been following along and  have read all the blurbs, we would still appreciate it if you stopped by

and then

because we and they love comments and if you comment you are entered into a draw for a Breathless Press Gift Card. 

So, what do I mean by giving you the dirt? Well, listen closely...or lean closer to your screen and I'll tell you. I'm sitting in our office/computer room/guest room and while trying to get around to writing post, all I can think about is the front hall. It's filthy!! Winter, which I really don't mind, is a dirty season and there is enough dirt and sand on the rug by my front door to fill a small sandbox. It's quite unnerving and distracting. In fact it's so distracting that I'm going to leave you right now so that I can go vacuum. 

But don't fret! I'll be back tomorrow with more nonsense for your reading pleasure.

Until next time,

Ivy B thinking about not just dirt, but dust and grime! What a day it will be!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ivy B Still Thinking About Her List

Hello and Happy Tuesday to you Sweet Bees

Today the Breathless Press Blurb Blitz continues! So after you're done with me, hop on over to

And then

If you comment, you are entered into a contest to win a $20 Breathless Press Gift Card and since ebooks are so reasonably priced, you can buy a whole lot of sexy with $20.

Ok, this is just a quick post today, but for those you who are wondering where my list of things I'd like to do as a writer or actor or both is, and the answer is: I working on it. Part of me just wants to make a list so outrageous that if I accomplish anything on it, it would be a miracle. However, the serious part of me (yes, I's may be hard to believe, but I have a very serious side) wants to create a list that is full of reasonable and realistic goals that I will have a decent chance of accomplishing if I set my mind to it.

But where's the fun in that???

So, the list, once I've thought about it some more, will contain both realistic goals and more than likely unattainable and terribly ridiculous goals.

I bid you all a fine Tuesday! 

Until next time, 

Ivy B filling her pipe with silly dreams


Monday, January 28, 2013

Ivy B Guttin' Fish...Which Isn't Sexy

Hello Sweet Bees

Welcome to the first day of the Breathless Press Blurb Blitz! And no...the title of this blog post isn't a metaphor and a euphemism for anything. I really am, or was, gutting fish. My neighbour gave me a bag of wee fish called smelts with the heads still on and guts intact. He told me how to do the deed of cleaning and cooking and so I promptly put them in the freezer to ignore them for a while!

No, that's not entirely true...I kept in the freezer because they were frozen and needed to be kept that way until we wanted to eat them and for some reason, I felt that today was the was the day to have a "feed of smelts".

Well, when I was a kid, I watched my grandparents gut 100's of fish and until this afternoon I never really appreciated how disgusting it was. Yes, I used to poke the occasional eye, but I was never involved with head chopping or gut pulling.

So, this afternoon, I strapped on my iron stomach. I dumped the bag of neighbour smelts into a sink of cold water and watched their frozen fishy bodies float around in a lazy circle while hoping I'd be able to prepare them for dinner with minimal retching. One of the smelts had something caught in his teeth and for some reason I felt the need to pull it out of its mouth. Stupid me for two reasons:

1. They have very sharp teeth and the bugger post posthumously bit me.

2. There was no need for me to pull the orange thing out of the smelt's mouth since I was going to be cutting its wee heads off anyway so he could have kept his orange toy and I could not have been bitten by a dead fish.

That being said, I managed to clean the fish with only tiny bouts of squeamishness and our feed of fried smelts was delicious. The scent of them, mixed with oil being heated by a candle that smells exactly like birthday cake (the oil, not the candle) still lingers throughout our home.

And speaking of birthday cake..actually what I'm about to say has nothing to do with birthday cake, but I need to announce this somewhere in this's time for you to hop over to

followed by

And join in the Breathless Press Blurb Blitz contest!

Remember, the five of us involved in this blog tour will be busy all week, showing up in many places on the interwebs. We hope you'll join us for a chance to win a Breathless Press Gift Card.

That's all for now so

Until next time,

Ivy B still nursing the nibble from the fish that bit her while in its eternal fishy sleep


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ivy B Going on a Blurb Blitz

Good Sunday to you Sweet Bees

Just a quick post to let you know, or remind you if you've checked out my promo page in the recent past and are already aware, that from...

January, 28/13 to February, 1/13 


Ivy B going on a Blurb Blitz tour with other BP authors!

Myself and 4 other Breathless Press authors will be featured on the following sites on the following dates. 

A very special thank-you to Goddess Fish Promotions for setting up our tour and of course giant, squishy thank-you to the blogs that volunteered to host our Breathless Press blurb blitz tour. 

So come on by Ivy B Misbehavin from Monday to Friday and join myself and a few fellow BP authors on our tour. I believe prizes such as a Breathless Press Gift Card are up for grabs.

Now, I realize that we are blurb blitzing our Holiday Books, but really, I ask you: does it have to be Christmas to enjoy a tale about a power hungry woman who sexually harasses her employees for fun and one night gets carried back in time by an ice creature who thinks that by showing her how awful she is that he can melt her icy soul and change her evil, nasty and often demeaning ways?

I think that is tale that can be enjoyed any time of year...and yes...for those of you who don't know...that is the basic plot of Baby, You're Cold Inside. It's a book that has given me some very interesting feed back. I've ruffled a few feathers with the fact that Lily Sinclair does things that are just not very nice, but this book was written with fun in mind and is in no way to be taken seriously.

I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday.

Until next time,

Ivy B getting all set up for her week of promo


Friday, January 25, 2013

Ivy B Doin' a Wee bit o' Friday Promo

Hello and Happy Friday Sweet Bees

And, unless I'm mistaken, it's Robbie Burns day! So to all those whom celebrate on this day, cheers!

Today, I'm out and about in cyber land and am visiting with Cassandra Carr. Here's the link...

Be's the second blog post in a row where I mention Doctor Who; second if you read the one I posted on the 23rd and third if you're counting this one.You see I've recently become involved with the Doctor and he's sort of taken over my mind. I think of little else and spend my days thinking of ways to bring him into conversation.

"So...I had a really good cup of coffee this morning, but the Doctor likes tea. Do you think the Doctor would like my coffee? Do you think, if the Doctor drank my coffee that he would love me forever?"

Stuff like that. And now, a story.

The other morning when he got up, my husband said to me "I think we've been watching too much Doctor Who. Last night I had a dream that the cast of the show was standing around waiting for me to tell them what to do. There was even a Dalek waiting for lines." First of all, that's an awesome dream or at least I would have thought it was I know exactly what I would have gotten the Doctor to do (especially since it was David Tennant) and believe you me, it would have been standing around!

Also, let's examine the first thing he said "I think we've been watching too much Doctor Who". Hmmm....I don't understand that phrase at all...perhaps I misheard him...

Anyway, it's time I stop yammering on my blog so you can get over to Cassandra's Blog and read my yammerings over there.

Until next time,

Ivy B seriously thinking you can never watch too much Doctor Who


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ivy B Thanking Neil Gaiman

Hello Sweet Bees

So here we's Wednesday and it's cold; really cold. Actually there's a wind chill warning where I'm at. Tonight with the wind chill it may get down to below -40 degrees Celsius. Charming! Now, I'm not sure what that is in imperial but however you measure your climes it equals freezing with a side of bloody cold. Oh...wait...I's the same temp. For some reason I thought the temps were the same at -20, but I've been informed that at Fahrenheit or Celsius, -40 is -40.

So, what am I doing to warm up? I'm wearing many layers and sitting on the couch. I'm watching Doctor Who with the curtains closed and poor David Tennant just lost his hand...oh it's back. And now he's just about to defeat the baddie in his jammies (or jim jams as people across the pond from me call them).  Yes, I've seen this episode which is why I can watch and write at the same time. Well...I get a bit distracted by the view, but...oh dear...where was I?

This is turning into a particularly rambling blog post, and I did have a point I swear and so let's get to it.

Last Sunday night, I was looking at Neil Gaiman's blog and the man is quite wonderful. In the course of reading just three posts I laughed, I cried and was inspired. In one of his entries, he posted a video of himself giving a speech to a large group of graduating arts students. Here's a link to it and if you're an artist you should watch it because we artists, no matter what our medium or our form of communicating our creativity to the world, need a bit of a boost from time to time even if we are lucky enough to experience more ups than downs. This speech not only made me feel proud to be a part of the creative community, it made me feel whole. And just to cover my but, this is of course NOT MY VIDEO and no copyright infringement is intended in any way, shape or form.

One of my favourite parts of his speech is when he says that when he was fifteen he made a list of things he wanted to accomplish as a writer. It was an ambitious list but, as far as I can tell, he's accomplished all of things on his list including writing an episode of Doctor Who (which I have yet to see as it's a season with Matt Smith and I'm not there yet). He says, very simply, that he just followed his list. I think that's amazing and it got me to thinking. If I was to make a list of goals to accomplish as a writer or an actor or both, what would they be? When I was thirteen I wrote a story about how by the time I was twenty-three I was going to be a very famous actor (the assignment was called "Me at Twenty-Three". I'm sure our writing teacher thought the rhyme very clever). Now you must understand that my story was not just a tale of the future, but a certainty that I was going to be famous AND act with Michael J. Fox. I am...quickly approaching 40 (which does rhyme with "Me" as well, but the meter seems off) and, as far as I can recall, has yet to happen. At 23, my life was fine, but my story from that time goes more like, "Here I am, at 23, moving into an apartment with my friend and we're both in the middle of second year in a theatre arts program, a program that I know in my heart isn't really going to get me a job, but I'll graduate from it anyway and I'm pretty sure that the guy I'm with right now (the one I'm dating not living with) is going to be my husband one day not too long from now."

And I was right, on both counts: I never did experience a professional acting career and the guy I'm married to now is the one I was dating when I was 23. I'm not too upset about acting not panning out and thrilled that I'm still with said guy. But I digress...

Now if I was to sit down and write a story called "Me at Forty" (See? That doesn't sound as snappy as "Me at Twenty-Three". You have to put a longer emphasis on the FOR to make it sound good I think.) my story probably wouldn't involved me acting with anyone famous or writing a best selling novel. Not that I'm against either of those things, but I'll be forty very soon and I just don't think I'll be on the road to either of those in just over 3 weeks.

However, I could make a list. I mean why not? I could even follow the list much in the Gaiman style! It may be impossible or take a life time to accomplish one thing on the list, but still, a list may not be such a bad idea.

But not today. This the kind of thing that needs to be thought about, needs to be carefully crafted, needs to be read by you and I fear that this entry has already been too long and you've already wandered away and don't care about my list.

So, I'll be off to go do some thinking.

Until next time,

Ivy B thanking Neil Gaiman for his every inspiring ways and thinking about ways to work on her craft


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ivy B Catching Some Rays With Dawn Roberto

Hello and good Tuesday to you Sweet Bees

If you're living where I'm living, and by that I mean in an area where winter means cold and snow, you may be wishing for warmer climes (I hope that's spelled right...). You may wish you were basking in the sun by a pool and watching the palm trees sway while your own personal cabana boy brings your drink after drink, without ever forgetting to tell you over and how fabulous you look in your new bathing suit.

If this is you, and I don't mean to be presumptuous, perhaps your warm climate fantasy involves another guest at the resort you're staying at and this guest is wearing a towel that won't stay up and silly him - he's forgotten to wear his speedo...ok, basically I'm saying that if you desire a little heating up than join me today over at

where Dawn is interviewing me in her own private, warm and sun drenched cabana.

For now, I must be off. I asked for a drink and something extra to go and it looks like my order is ready.

Until next time,

Ivy B thinking about something warm, hot and comforting. That's right! Stew!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Ivy B Back Over at Mary Corrales'

Good Monday to you Sweet Bees

Did you all have a nice weekend? I hope so. I did.  We were social, I did some writing, I found some great boots for almost no money, I had some good phone chats...yes...a good weekend all and all.

Anyhoo, today is a promo day on Ivy B and today I'm talking about confidence and bacon (as in I'm confident I had too much bacon and more...) over at

Intrigued? Wondering why I've combined the topics of bacon and confidence into one blog entry? Well, the only way to find out is to leave here and go visit Mary. She'd love for you to stop by and so would I.

See you there!

And until next time, (tomorrow actually)

Ivy B not planning on eating a rash of bacon any time soon


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ivy B Promoting Between the Sheets

Hello and Happy Thursday Sweet Bees

I hope you're all having a good week!

I'm going to get right on with the reason for today's post. Sometimes, in the world of erotic writing, a girl's got to do certain things to write and promote a book.

Sometimes a girl has to spend hours thinking about her muse and how she can work him into her story. (truly torture)

Sometimes a girl has to come up with elaborate steamy scenarios that involve people who aren't real and yet to her they are very real and she gets a little hot under the collar thinking about these people. (excuse me...I need to take a shower now.)

And sometimes a girl has to crawl into be with Lee Brazil.  (giggle, giggle)

Sigh...the things a girl will do to promote her work...join me now at

and see how well be get along between the sheets.

Until next time,

Ivy B getting back to thinking about her latest muse and how she can work him into a story...


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ivy B Seeing Amber Skyze

Hello my patient Sweet Bees

I've returned from my holiday adventure and the next month will be filled with promo's here, there and everywhere including a Blurb Blitz put together by Goddess Fish and an interview on my Birthday on Joyfully Reviewed on Friday, February, 15th! For more information about where I'm going to be and who has to put up with me, check out my Promo Page.

So, let's get on with things!  Today I'm visiting...

This is my second time on Amber's blog. Last year, at the start of my writing career and promotional endevors, Amber was the first blogger to host me. I was so naive and felt so lost, but I've learned a lot since that day. I've learned how to quickly come up with a post, I'm quicker at thinking up answers for interview questions than I was back then and I'm no longer scared to write a fellow blogger and say "Hey! Can I be on your blog?" When I asked Amber if she could host me again and help me promote my latest release, Baby, You're Cold Inside, she happily agreed to host me.

So, pop on over and show some love my bees! I'm feeling wee bit down and could use some cheer.

Until next time,

Ivy B gearing up for a month of promo!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ivy B Promoting Backwards...Again

Hello to all you, my Sweet Bees

I have discovered that yesterday I was once again on the Breathless Press Blog! I had no idea that they were putting up my author interveiw...Anyway, if you don't already know a thing or too about Ivy B, now's your chance to really get to of me anyway.

Here's the link

As I am still away visiting family, this will, once again, be a short post. I hope your New Year is off to a good start. We head home in 2 days and will hit the tarmack running.
Until next time,
Ivy B continuing to be ever so social

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ivy B Back in the Saddle

Hello my Sweet Bees

And Happy New Year to you!

The promotional wheel needs to turn, even during the holidays, and so I'm back with a promo stop. Today I'm over at my publisher's blog.  And since I have a lot of  visiting and eating to do, I'm just going to set the link...

and return to my holiday duites.Today on the BP blog you'll get to meet Lily Sinclair, leading lady in Baby, You're Cold Inside.
Until next time,
Ivy B thinking she's had enough of visiting Quality Street (you know...the chocolates?)