Friday, January 25, 2013

Ivy B Doin' a Wee bit o' Friday Promo

Hello and Happy Friday Sweet Bees

And, unless I'm mistaken, it's Robbie Burns day! So to all those whom celebrate on this day, cheers!

Today, I'm out and about in cyber land and am visiting with Cassandra Carr. Here's the link...

Be's the second blog post in a row where I mention Doctor Who; second if you read the one I posted on the 23rd and third if you're counting this one.You see I've recently become involved with the Doctor and he's sort of taken over my mind. I think of little else and spend my days thinking of ways to bring him into conversation.

"So...I had a really good cup of coffee this morning, but the Doctor likes tea. Do you think the Doctor would like my coffee? Do you think, if the Doctor drank my coffee that he would love me forever?"

Stuff like that. And now, a story.

The other morning when he got up, my husband said to me "I think we've been watching too much Doctor Who. Last night I had a dream that the cast of the show was standing around waiting for me to tell them what to do. There was even a Dalek waiting for lines." First of all, that's an awesome dream or at least I would have thought it was I know exactly what I would have gotten the Doctor to do (especially since it was David Tennant) and believe you me, it would have been standing around!

Also, let's examine the first thing he said "I think we've been watching too much Doctor Who". Hmmm....I don't understand that phrase at all...perhaps I misheard him...

Anyway, it's time I stop yammering on my blog so you can get over to Cassandra's Blog and read my yammerings over there.

Until next time,

Ivy B seriously thinking you can never watch too much Doctor Who


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