Monday, January 21, 2013

Ivy B Back Over at Mary Corrales'

Good Monday to you Sweet Bees

Did you all have a nice weekend? I hope so. I did.  We were social, I did some writing, I found some great boots for almost no money, I had some good phone chats...yes...a good weekend all and all.

Anyhoo, today is a promo day on Ivy B and today I'm talking about confidence and bacon (as in I'm confident I had too much bacon and more...) over at

Intrigued? Wondering why I've combined the topics of bacon and confidence into one blog entry? Well, the only way to find out is to leave here and go visit Mary. She'd love for you to stop by and so would I.

See you there!

And until next time, (tomorrow actually)

Ivy B not planning on eating a rash of bacon any time soon


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