Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ivy B Catching Some Rays With Dawn Roberto

Hello and good Tuesday to you Sweet Bees

If you're living where I'm living, and by that I mean in an area where winter means cold and snow, you may be wishing for warmer climes (I hope that's spelled right...). You may wish you were basking in the sun by a pool and watching the palm trees sway while your own personal cabana boy brings your drink after drink, without ever forgetting to tell you over and how fabulous you look in your new bathing suit.

If this is you, and I don't mean to be presumptuous, perhaps your warm climate fantasy involves another guest at the resort you're staying at and this guest is wearing a towel that won't stay up and silly him - he's forgotten to wear his speedo...ok, basically I'm saying that if you desire a little heating up than join me today over at

where Dawn is interviewing me in her own private, warm and sun drenched cabana.

For now, I must be off. I asked for a drink and something extra to go and it looks like my order is ready.

Until next time,

Ivy B thinking about something warm, hot and comforting. That's right! Stew!


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Linda Kage said...

I had no idea Dawn had a blog too!! I just knew here from the yahoo group she moderated! Wow! What a small world.