Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ivy B Giving You the Dirt

Hello Sweet Bee and welcome to Wednesday

Today, the Breathless Press Blurb Blitz is once again hanging around two blogs for your blurb blitzing pleasure.  Even if you've been following along and  have read all the blurbs, we would still appreciate it if you stopped by

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So, what do I mean by giving you the dirt? Well, listen closely...or lean closer to your screen and I'll tell you. I'm sitting in our office/computer room/guest room and while trying to get around to writing post, all I can think about is the front hall. It's filthy!! Winter, which I really don't mind, is a dirty season and there is enough dirt and sand on the rug by my front door to fill a small sandbox. It's quite unnerving and distracting. In fact it's so distracting that I'm going to leave you right now so that I can go vacuum. 

But don't fret! I'll be back tomorrow with more nonsense for your reading pleasure.

Until next time,

Ivy B thinking about not just dirt, but dust and grime! What a day it will be!


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