Monday, January 28, 2013

Ivy B Guttin' Fish...Which Isn't Sexy

Hello Sweet Bees

Welcome to the first day of the Breathless Press Blurb Blitz! And no...the title of this blog post isn't a metaphor and a euphemism for anything. I really am, or was, gutting fish. My neighbour gave me a bag of wee fish called smelts with the heads still on and guts intact. He told me how to do the deed of cleaning and cooking and so I promptly put them in the freezer to ignore them for a while!

No, that's not entirely true...I kept in the freezer because they were frozen and needed to be kept that way until we wanted to eat them and for some reason, I felt that today was the was the day to have a "feed of smelts".

Well, when I was a kid, I watched my grandparents gut 100's of fish and until this afternoon I never really appreciated how disgusting it was. Yes, I used to poke the occasional eye, but I was never involved with head chopping or gut pulling.

So, this afternoon, I strapped on my iron stomach. I dumped the bag of neighbour smelts into a sink of cold water and watched their frozen fishy bodies float around in a lazy circle while hoping I'd be able to prepare them for dinner with minimal retching. One of the smelts had something caught in his teeth and for some reason I felt the need to pull it out of its mouth. Stupid me for two reasons:

1. They have very sharp teeth and the bugger post posthumously bit me.

2. There was no need for me to pull the orange thing out of the smelt's mouth since I was going to be cutting its wee heads off anyway so he could have kept his orange toy and I could not have been bitten by a dead fish.

That being said, I managed to clean the fish with only tiny bouts of squeamishness and our feed of fried smelts was delicious. The scent of them, mixed with oil being heated by a candle that smells exactly like birthday cake (the oil, not the candle) still lingers throughout our home.

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Until next time,

Ivy B still nursing the nibble from the fish that bit her while in its eternal fishy sleep


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