Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ivy B Seeing Amber Skyze

Hello my patient Sweet Bees

I've returned from my holiday adventure and the next month will be filled with promo's here, there and everywhere including a Blurb Blitz put together by Goddess Fish and an interview on my Birthday on Joyfully Reviewed on Friday, February, 15th! For more information about where I'm going to be and who has to put up with me, check out my Promo Page.

So, let's get on with things!  Today I'm visiting...

This is my second time on Amber's blog. Last year, at the start of my writing career and promotional endevors, Amber was the first blogger to host me. I was so naive and felt so lost, but I've learned a lot since that day. I've learned how to quickly come up with a post, I'm quicker at thinking up answers for interview questions than I was back then and I'm no longer scared to write a fellow blogger and say "Hey! Can I be on your blog?" When I asked Amber if she could host me again and help me promote my latest release, Baby, You're Cold Inside, she happily agreed to host me.

So, pop on over and show some love my bees! I'm feeling wee bit down and could use some cheer.

Until next time,

Ivy B gearing up for a month of promo!


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Linda Kage said...

Amber is the sweetest! I'm on my way over.