Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ivy B Thanking Neil Gaiman

Hello Sweet Bees

So here we's Wednesday and it's cold; really cold. Actually there's a wind chill warning where I'm at. Tonight with the wind chill it may get down to below -40 degrees Celsius. Charming! Now, I'm not sure what that is in imperial but however you measure your climes it equals freezing with a side of bloody cold. Oh...wait...I's the same temp. For some reason I thought the temps were the same at -20, but I've been informed that at Fahrenheit or Celsius, -40 is -40.

So, what am I doing to warm up? I'm wearing many layers and sitting on the couch. I'm watching Doctor Who with the curtains closed and poor David Tennant just lost his hand...oh it's back. And now he's just about to defeat the baddie in his jammies (or jim jams as people across the pond from me call them).  Yes, I've seen this episode which is why I can watch and write at the same time. Well...I get a bit distracted by the view, but...oh dear...where was I?

This is turning into a particularly rambling blog post, and I did have a point I swear and so let's get to it.

Last Sunday night, I was looking at Neil Gaiman's blog and the man is quite wonderful. In the course of reading just three posts I laughed, I cried and was inspired. In one of his entries, he posted a video of himself giving a speech to a large group of graduating arts students. Here's a link to it and if you're an artist you should watch it because we artists, no matter what our medium or our form of communicating our creativity to the world, need a bit of a boost from time to time even if we are lucky enough to experience more ups than downs. This speech not only made me feel proud to be a part of the creative community, it made me feel whole. And just to cover my but, this is of course NOT MY VIDEO and no copyright infringement is intended in any way, shape or form.

One of my favourite parts of his speech is when he says that when he was fifteen he made a list of things he wanted to accomplish as a writer. It was an ambitious list but, as far as I can tell, he's accomplished all of things on his list including writing an episode of Doctor Who (which I have yet to see as it's a season with Matt Smith and I'm not there yet). He says, very simply, that he just followed his list. I think that's amazing and it got me to thinking. If I was to make a list of goals to accomplish as a writer or an actor or both, what would they be? When I was thirteen I wrote a story about how by the time I was twenty-three I was going to be a very famous actor (the assignment was called "Me at Twenty-Three". I'm sure our writing teacher thought the rhyme very clever). Now you must understand that my story was not just a tale of the future, but a certainty that I was going to be famous AND act with Michael J. Fox. I am...quickly approaching 40 (which does rhyme with "Me" as well, but the meter seems off) and, as far as I can recall, has yet to happen. At 23, my life was fine, but my story from that time goes more like, "Here I am, at 23, moving into an apartment with my friend and we're both in the middle of second year in a theatre arts program, a program that I know in my heart isn't really going to get me a job, but I'll graduate from it anyway and I'm pretty sure that the guy I'm with right now (the one I'm dating not living with) is going to be my husband one day not too long from now."

And I was right, on both counts: I never did experience a professional acting career and the guy I'm married to now is the one I was dating when I was 23. I'm not too upset about acting not panning out and thrilled that I'm still with said guy. But I digress...

Now if I was to sit down and write a story called "Me at Forty" (See? That doesn't sound as snappy as "Me at Twenty-Three". You have to put a longer emphasis on the FOR to make it sound good I think.) my story probably wouldn't involved me acting with anyone famous or writing a best selling novel. Not that I'm against either of those things, but I'll be forty very soon and I just don't think I'll be on the road to either of those in just over 3 weeks.

However, I could make a list. I mean why not? I could even follow the list much in the Gaiman style! It may be impossible or take a life time to accomplish one thing on the list, but still, a list may not be such a bad idea.

But not today. This the kind of thing that needs to be thought about, needs to be carefully crafted, needs to be read by you and I fear that this entry has already been too long and you've already wandered away and don't care about my list.

So, I'll be off to go do some thinking.

Until next time,

Ivy B thanking Neil Gaiman for his every inspiring ways and thinking about ways to work on her craft


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Anonymous said...

Me at 23 rhymes really well. Let's find out what 40 was like in future posts.