Friday, February 1, 2013

Ivy B Pipe Dreamin'

Hello, Hello, Hello My Sweet Bees

And welcome to Friday and not just any ol' Friday, but the last day of our Breathless Press Blurb Blitz...assuming we are still a go with the blog below...

and also, the day of the big reveal! Today I present to you a list of probable and more than likely impossible goals and dreams that I would love to accomplish as a writer, actor or both before I....well...let's not go there...a list inspired by the wonderful Neil Gaiman.

Now, if you've been following along, you will know that I've been in a wee debate with myself about whether or not this should be a serious list or a crazy list full of things that more than likely will never be accomplished.
So, in order to appeal to both my serious side and sunny "reach for the moon" side, I've decided to do both! I will list a realistic goal, a goal that I feel I could accomplish given a certain amount of drive and hard work followed up immediately by the pipe dream equivalent, followed up immediately by the Extra Big Pipe Dream equivalent.
Here we go!


Ivy's List of Impossible and Yet Possible Dreams



1. Regarding Play Writing

Realistic Goal: I love to write plays, not that I'm forever writing plays, but I've written a few and have had them performed. The cast has been myself and/or friends and I have always had a lot of fun doing that. However, I would like to have a play of my published and for it to be available for theatre companies all over the globe to perform.

Pipe Dream: Have a play published and picked up by a producer or director of a major theatre company and be invited to help direct with director at the major theatre company, or at least be invited to be there to nod and agree a lot. I will of course have to be invited to the star studded opening night.

EXTRA BIG PIPE DREAM: I will be commissioned by Brent Butt or Michael J. Fox, or one of the Kids in the Hall, or Rick Mercer or another Canadian actor or actress or entertainer that I adore and admire and be asked to write a play or a pilot for a TV series that they will be in and I will also be asked to be in the play or in the pilot with them because they find me just so darn irresistible.


2. Regarding Novel Writing

Realistic Goal: I participated in Nanowrimo 2012, and although I reached the 50K finish line, I didn't finish the story. I WILL finish this. Perhaps this doesn't seem like that challenging a goal, but finding the time to do so seems impossible these days.

Pipe Dream: Finish this novel and get it published in paper form by a major publishing house. 

EXTRA BIG PIPE DREAM: The novel is successful enough to be noticed by some major Hollywood Players (or the Canadian equivalent) and is optioned for a movie. I will also be asked to choose the cast and everyone I hope will say yes, will say yes. I of course will also be asked to do a cameo.

3. Regarding Music

Realistic Goal: I really enjoy playing the guitar. I'm not super at it, but I get by. I also enjoy songwriting and have penciled a few tunes, music and all, more than once. However, I have not done this for a while. I would like to write more songs and to reach this goal, I should set a time limit. Ok...let's say 5 songs in the next year. Yes, that's doable.

Pipe Dream: Be contacted by someone I really admire in the music industry and be asked by this person or people...I don't know...let's pick some about Michael Buble or Adele or Great Big Sea or Iva Davies (lead singer of the amazing Australian band Icehouse for those of you who said "Who?") write a song for them. Or, send someone I admire a song and have them like it enough that they would like to perform it.

EXTRA BIG PIPE DREAM: I will not only be asked to write a song for a musician I really admire, but will also be invited to one of their shows and asked to perform said song with them on stage.

4.Regarding Chat Shows

Realistic Goal: I really don't think I'd like to host a chat show, but I would like write a play based on a chat show. I already have an idea brewing and know to whom I'll pitch it too..

Pipe Dream: Be on a British Chat Show. More specifically, be on Alan Carr (AKA Chatty Man) and I'd like suggest to Alan that he have me on his chat show as part of a new segment: "Getting All Chatty With a Stranger" and I will go on and promote by books or plays or other things I have on the go or just talk about what it is like to be me. :)

EXTRA BIG PIPE DREAM: I will be asked to be on Alan Carr the same night as David Tennant is on the show and both of them will  think I am  such a hoot that I'll be asked to stay on the couch, drinking from Alan's fancy globe bar, for the duration of that night's show.

5. Regarding Performances

Realistic Goal: It is my intent, as it is a great love of mine and it has been since I was nine and will continue to be for as long as people can stand watching me, to continue to act on stage often. I feel very alive when I'm on stage and I don't think I will ever tire of it.

Pipe Dream: I will audition for a professional play, be cast in the play and have to live abroad for a while to keep being in the play. I would love to perform at Stratford one day or perhaps in New York or London. I mean, why not?

EXTRA BIG PIPE DREAM: Because of meeting David Tennant while on Alan Carr's chat show, we will become great friends and he will tell me that he is "Dying to act in something wonderful with me!". I will respond in kind, probably too heartily, and suggest that we commission Neil Gaiman to write something deliciously beautiful, frightening and mesmerizing just for us to perform in together; perhaps a play featuring just the two of us or perhaps a short film that will be sent to film festivals all over the world and will be critically acclaimed and become a great hit; so great a hit that it will be turned into a longer film.

Tah Dah!

And there you have it: a list of possible and ever increasingly, more than likely impossible goals. I'm not trying to paint this post in a negative colour at all, but I am a realist. I am very hopeful that I can accomplish the Realistic Goals on my list, but the rest of them...well...I suppose there's always a chance. No matter how tiny it may be, the chance will always be there.

I'm happy with my list and these are not my only goals in life. I would like to start writing more short stories and I hope to find magazines and/or anthologies that will want them. I would like to keep up my blog and perhaps work on a project with my husband. (As a side note, my husband is pleased to be mentioned in this post. After all the David Tennant talk I think he was concerned that I'd  forgotten that he was around.)

However, my basic and fundemental goal is to live as creatively as I can and with the right attitude, who knows where my creative endevors will take me?

What about you my Sweet Bees? What are your goals? I hope you too have dreams; both the possible and otherwise.

Until next time,

Ivy B filling her pipe with even more and more crazy dreams.



Linda Kage said...

What great goal! I love how they each have levels too! I hope you make all of them to pipe dream status...or at the very least to realistic goal status!

Ivy Bateman said...

Thanks Linda! I will be happy if I can accomplish all the reasonable goals and even one of the pipe dreams would be pretty sweet!