Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ivy B Wishing You A Happy Day

Hello my Sweet Bees

And Happy Day to you. Perhaps you celebrate Valentine's Day or perhaps you don't. Whatever today is bringing you, I hope it's things that are happy. I'm having a very nice February, 14th. My friend just came over for lunch (with food that she purchased! Thanks L!) and my lovely husband is an artist and he just sent me this.

:) How can I not love him? (and I mean that. There's no sarcasm here.) He also gave me a beautiful care this morning which made me smile and get teary at the same time. I'm completely spoiled and I love it. No, my books may not be 100% Happily Ever After kind of books, but I'm happy to say that in my real life, I've found that kind of love.

Until next time,

Ivy B sending you love on this February, 14th.


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