Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ivy B is NOW on Joyfully Reviewed

Hello my sweet bees

Just a quick hello today. It's late in the afternoon and I've got a whack of things to do including go to a dress rehearsal. I'm unexpectadly going to be in a play tomorrow evening. Last Thursday the writer phoned and asked if I could please be in it. All I have to do is come on stage at the end and dance with the guy who dies during the play.

No problem. I can't waltz to save my life, (of course, morbidly speaking, my character is dead so how well I can dance probably doesn't really matter.) but I don't have to worry about memorizing any lines at the last minute.

Anyway...the reason for this blog post is to say that the interview I did for Joyfully Reviewed back in January and was supposed to be up on their site on February 15th, is now up for everyone to have a peak at. If you're curious, here's the link...

And that is all for now. I've nothing really exciting to report except that the script opportunity that I hoped would come to fruition has and I will hopefully be working on that soon. In the mean time, my work place has caught wind that I like to write (mostly because I told them I do and it's for them that I got the other script writing opportunity that I should be starting next week....funny how that worked.) and I'll be having a go a writing a script for a corporate video too!

So, creative times abound. 

I hope you're all well and until next time, 

Ivy B hoping you stop by on Monday, March 18th to help celebrate Linda Kage's latest release "Addicted to Ansley"!


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Mary Corrales said...

All right, congrats on the script writing! You're so multi-talented, Ivy. Can you hear my jealousy. *grin*

Love the interview at Joyfully Reviewed.

Good luck with the play. Have fun!