Friday, March 8, 2013

Ivy B Visiting with Raven

Hello Sweet Bees

And welcome to Friday. Today I'm over visiting fellow Breathless Press author Raven McAllan. Here's the link...

It seems a little silly, since we're well into March and St. Patty's day is just around the corner, but I'm still promoting my Christmas story Baby, You're Cold Inside. However, it's my latest book so it's kind of something I have to do.

Now, perhaps this is very negative of me, but there's no denying it, this books isn't selling so well. It's hard to say why and I'm not going to whine or complain because it is what it is. However, based on a couple reviews I've had, this book bothers some people. 

My lead character Lily is very strong, not very nice and uses people. She seduces one of her underlings and I've had her actions called "sexual harassment" in the reviews which I find far more interesting a viewpoint than one that could annoy me or get me cranky. If that's what they want to call it or think about it, that's fine, but I have to put the question out there: What if Lily was a man?

In so many books, the man uses his power to seduce a woman who then lets herself be taken by the scoundrel and it's not considered sexual harassment. The most obvious, current, still going strong on the popular scale is of course 50 shades. It's pretty harassy; he's pretty pushy. Yes, he's handsome, he's strong, powerful, rich but he's not always nice. He can be very cruel and borderline violent (and I'm not talking about the bondage) but that doesn't matter; the ladies love him.

But Lily who is also attractive and rich and powerful is a bitch. Lily sexually harasses people. Lily is mean. Lily is a lot of things that Mr. Grey is, but for whatever reason, it rubs people the wrong way.

I'm not trying to take a stand or make a point. I just write the stories I like to write. I can't make people like them, but it is making me think about my future as a writer.

But, anyway...that's topic for another day. Hop on over to Raven's and say hello. On her blog I'm sharing where I think my love of accents started.

Until next time,

Ivy B thinking about her writing career



Linda Kage said...

It doesn't seem to matter what you write about, there were always be someone out there who will hate it and someone who will love it. I'm so sorry a hater stumbled arcross your story :( That's never fun.

But I loved it. No, Lily wasn't a sweetheart by ANY means, but she was very contagious. I just had to see which audacious thing she was going to do next. And I appreciate any story that can suck me in so completely!

Ivy Bateman said...

Hey Linda! Thanks for your comment. And the reviews actually weren't was a 4 star the other a 3, and they liked the book...but it seemed to bother them that they did. :) However, the book is what it is and it's not for everyone. I appreciate your happy comments though. But I guess when you put yourself out here, you take the good and the bad and hopefully always stay true to what you believe in. Sorry if that's a bit cheesy!