Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ivy B chatting with Miranda Stowe about Sexy Shifters

Hello Sweet Bees

So welcome to Thursday and welcome to my guest blogger Miranda Stowe. Miranda is the author of a number of saucy books including a few about Shifters. Her latest release Mates Since Birth is part 3 of her half breed shifter series. I've read quite a bit of it and's a steamy read!

So, enough about me, please give a warm welcome to Miranda and let her enlighten you as to why she loves shifters!

Take it away Miranda!


I love shifters because I think you get the best of both words when you read about shifter love.

Let’s explore:

Point #1 : There’s just something about their primitive animalistic side that is extremely sensual. The whole, caveman attitude, where they find their mate and think “MINE,” is my favorite. Oh, shiver….nothing is sexier than to feel like you're loved and you are the ONLY one your man wants. The males are extremely protective of their females too, which gives us ladies that secure, protected sensation. Since shifter romance is so animalistic and primal, you tend to focus on the physical aspects with more intensity, making it really great erotic fodder. You just feel that the bond shifter mates share is how nature intended lovers to connect.

Point #2 : But they're NOT animals. They're people with human hearts and souls and brains. With a shifter, you can gobble up all the perks of the primitive, animalistic side and still drop anything that could be remotely like, eww-gross, bestiality because, hey, they’re really human. The best thing about also being human is that we can keep all our contemporary, rational thoughts while having awesome, primal sex scenes (in human form, thank goodness!). You get the caveman AND the present day because these ladies still have their girl-power and don’t have to be old-fashioned where they do all the cooking and cleaning or rely on the man for their bread and butter. And the men can be old-school protective and jealous with their "you are mine" mentality while they want a female that can think for herself!

So…you asked!  I answered. And that’s all I have to say about my opinions on that!

Thank you so much for your curiosity!  Are you a shifter fan? What do you like best about them?


Thank-you Miranda on giving us some great insight into the world of Shifters! For those of you who would be interested in learning more about all things Miranda Stowe, here's a link to her blog...

Miranda Stowe's Blog

So, drop Miranda and line and let her know what you like about shifters or if you're a fan at all! Or leave a comment here on my blog.

Until next time,

Ivy B figuring out what kind of animal is being kept at my inside her own self!



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ivy B Politely Reminding You...

Hello Sweet Bees's so sad...I had to look up the spelling of politely to make sure I spelt it right. I guess I could have typed it into the body of this since I have spell check, but no, no...I went to Google for help.  Anyway, I such a horrible speller. My daughter who's 11 and half is a far better speller than I am and has been since she was...oh...say 7? Yes, easily 7.

Anyway...why am I here-oh yes! I'm here to politely remind you about my guest tomorrow. The writer of sexy books, Miranda Stowe, is on my blog tomorrow! And as her latest release Mates Since Birth is the third book in a series about Shifters, she's stopping by to tell you why she loves Shifters! I've had a sneak peak and I can say that her reasons are quite interesting and rooted deep in the psyche of human behavior. Definitely worth a read so be sure to stop by!

So, what is new with me?? Well, in case you're wondering my obsession with David Tennant and if it is still alive and well, it sure is! It's pretty crazy actually. I'm re watching episodes of Doctor Who featuring his loveliness. I purchased Hamlet on DVD (please see link!) which is brilliant in every way. It's a film version of the production he and Patrick Stewart did with the Royal Shakespeare Company back in 2008. Truly, it is wonderful and funny which I wasn't aware Hamlet could be! And, and, and...with my royalties from my books sales for the last quarter of 2012, I purchased Casanova which is the mini-series he did with BBC before Doctor Who. The series was written by the brilliant writer Russell T. Davies whom was one of the head hanchos at Doctor Who.  Anyway, it too is wonderful. should probably change by blog to "Ivy B talking constantly about David Tennant."

Ok, one more thing before I have to give up the computer so that my daughter can print off some things for a social studies project, but I have to say that I'm very sad.  I would really like to own Blackpool which is a series DT did with David Morrissey back in the early 2K's's not available as a Region 1 Dvd...only Region 2. So, while that is sad it's not the really sad part. The really sad part is that I'm seriously considering buying a region free DVD player so that I can buy and watch many shows featuring David Tennant or Dylan Moran or Michael Fassbender or many other British shows. Many British shows I enjoy are hard to find here and super cheap over there but are pointless to buy now because I can't get them to work on the player I already own.

That is truly sad.

BUT, I've got this last quarter's royalites (hold onto your shorts...$23!) burning a hole in my pay pal account and I've got to put it towards something!! And, to dispel any feelings of disrespect my quiet jab at the low dollar amount of my royalties may produce I would like to say that I think it's great that I'm earning any amount of money off my work. This $23 actually translates into close to 50 books sold which to me is amazing. 50 people that I don't know bought my work. That makes me very happy so thank-you to all of you who have purchased my work over the last 15 months.

ok, got to run!

Until next time,

Ivy B hoping you'll forgive me for using my blog to go on and on about my celebrity crushes and please come back tomorrow to say hi to Miranda Stowe!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ivy B punished for not a being a Pastry Making Succubus

Hello Sweet Bees

Ok...maybe punished is too strong a word, but it's 4:45 in the afternoon, it's really sunny where I'm sitting and since I'm very close to impersonating a cat and curling up for a nap in a sunbeam, it's really amazing I can type anything at all.

So, what am I on about? Well, I've chatted a bit about this on Facebook today so this may be a bit of repeat for some of you HOWEVER...

before I ramble, let me alert you to the fact that (alert you? I'm not sure that's entirely grammatically correct.) on April, 25th, I will have a guest author stopping by. Miranda Stowe will be here to tell you why she likes Shifters. Now, well I may not delve into the world of Shifters as an author, as a reader, I'm intrigued by the idea of being draw to someone's animal nature. I'll do another quick reminder next week, but just keep it in mind: Miranda Stowe, April, 25th, right here on Ivy B.

Ok, so getting back to what I've already discussed which is that today on Facebook I mentioned a dream I had last night (or rather a dream I had this morning to be more precise) that my husband left me for some woman who made incredibly delicious cupcakes. It is starting to fade more and more as the hours pass, as dreams do, but it was still very clear in my mind when my husband said goodbye to me before heading to work and I was quite upset with him.

"I'm mad at you!" I said, probably scowling at him and no doubt looking as attractive as a hamster that has just been woken up by a small child banging on its cage.

"Why?" he asked, all innocence and purity! The nerve!

"You left me for some woman who made really good cupcakes!" I squeaked, the words leaving pain their wake.

"I did what?" As if he didn't know, the trollop!

"That's right! But at least Batman saved me. He was Christian Bale Batman and he took me unmasked (as in he was unmasked) to his Batcave and told me that revenge was useless and would serve no purpose." I said this to my husband with as much attitude as I could muster in my half awake, heart broken state. I had hoped to hurt him! But instead he laughed! and went to work as if he was as pure as the driven snow!

Sigh...and as a side note David Tennant was in there somewhere too. I believe I told him I was divorced and that I'd been left for a sham of a woman and he didn't really seem to care. Instead of saying that all was not lost because he was here to save me as well and would like to take me to places I'd only imaged, he stayed silent and ran away. He had to run off and save the world or something while I was left to defend my honour and dispel the rumours that the hussy who stole my husband with baked treats was spreading about me all over town. She was trying to tell every one that I faked my wrist injury which was a total lie. Also, while Batman/Christian Bale was giving me sound advice about the nature of hollow revenge, he was tinkering with or doing Batman science on an engine...and we had to climb up a ladder to get into the Batcave which seemed odd to me...

Anyway...that's what's on my mind at the moment. It's funny what your mind will do in the night. I don't think I ate anything out of the ordinary yesterday.

Except for that cupcake...

Until next time,

Ivy B watching Doctor Who. She's happy to report that her daughter is now quite the fan of the show and she is happily taking advantage of this new development. However, she (me, Ivy) really doesn't need an excuse to watch the same episodes over and over but it does make her feel better to have a reason.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ivy B Coming Out of Hibernation

Yes, hibernation my Sweet Bees

(and hello)

is really my only explanation for why I've not written a post since...well, I'd have to leave this page to check, but I think my last post was over 3 weeks ago.

Not that I have any particular purpose for this post; not unless you count my expression of candy regret a worthy subject. Blah...I want the purple taste to go away! You see, I'm hungry, but lazy, so instead of taking the time to make a, oh I don't know... a sandwich or making a few minutes in my schedule to lean against the counter and eat crackers right out of the box, I decided to steal a few of my daughters Easter jelly candies and 2 of the 3 I stole were "grape flavoured". Blah. My mouth is now a den of dimatap flavoured metal.

I know, I know...the horror. I'll give you a minute to digest it while I drink away my pain with some coffee.

Ok, that almost solved it, but I think I will actually have to go eat something now that isn't a sugar coated colour not found in nature and wish you well.  This was just, as it turns out, a post to say hello. I'm back, it's spring, I can see my grass, the river is breaking up; all is really good right now.

Until next time,

Ivy B hoping that you too are doing well.