Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ivy B Coming Out of Hibernation

Yes, hibernation my Sweet Bees

(and hello)

is really my only explanation for why I've not written a post since...well, I'd have to leave this page to check, but I think my last post was over 3 weeks ago.

Not that I have any particular purpose for this post; not unless you count my expression of candy regret a worthy subject. Blah...I want the purple taste to go away! You see, I'm hungry, but lazy, so instead of taking the time to make a, oh I don't know... a sandwich or making a few minutes in my schedule to lean against the counter and eat crackers right out of the box, I decided to steal a few of my daughters Easter jelly candies and 2 of the 3 I stole were "grape flavoured". Blah. My mouth is now a den of dimatap flavoured metal.

I know, I know...the horror. I'll give you a minute to digest it while I drink away my pain with some coffee.

Ok, that almost solved it, but I think I will actually have to go eat something now that isn't a sugar coated colour not found in nature and wish you well.  This was just, as it turns out, a post to say hello. I'm back, it's spring, I can see my grass, the river is breaking up; all is really good right now.

Until next time,

Ivy B hoping that you too are doing well.


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