Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ivy B Politely Reminding You...

Hello Sweet Bees's so sad...I had to look up the spelling of politely to make sure I spelt it right. I guess I could have typed it into the body of this since I have spell check, but no, no...I went to Google for help.  Anyway, I such a horrible speller. My daughter who's 11 and half is a far better speller than I am and has been since she was...oh...say 7? Yes, easily 7.

Anyway...why am I here-oh yes! I'm here to politely remind you about my guest tomorrow. The writer of sexy books, Miranda Stowe, is on my blog tomorrow! And as her latest release Mates Since Birth is the third book in a series about Shifters, she's stopping by to tell you why she loves Shifters! I've had a sneak peak and I can say that her reasons are quite interesting and rooted deep in the psyche of human behavior. Definitely worth a read so be sure to stop by!

So, what is new with me?? Well, in case you're wondering my obsession with David Tennant and if it is still alive and well, it sure is! It's pretty crazy actually. I'm re watching episodes of Doctor Who featuring his loveliness. I purchased Hamlet on DVD (please see link!) which is brilliant in every way. It's a film version of the production he and Patrick Stewart did with the Royal Shakespeare Company back in 2008. Truly, it is wonderful and funny which I wasn't aware Hamlet could be! And, and, and...with my royalties from my books sales for the last quarter of 2012, I purchased Casanova which is the mini-series he did with BBC before Doctor Who. The series was written by the brilliant writer Russell T. Davies whom was one of the head hanchos at Doctor Who.  Anyway, it too is wonderful. should probably change by blog to "Ivy B talking constantly about David Tennant."

Ok, one more thing before I have to give up the computer so that my daughter can print off some things for a social studies project, but I have to say that I'm very sad.  I would really like to own Blackpool which is a series DT did with David Morrissey back in the early 2K's's not available as a Region 1 Dvd...only Region 2. So, while that is sad it's not the really sad part. The really sad part is that I'm seriously considering buying a region free DVD player so that I can buy and watch many shows featuring David Tennant or Dylan Moran or Michael Fassbender or many other British shows. Many British shows I enjoy are hard to find here and super cheap over there but are pointless to buy now because I can't get them to work on the player I already own.

That is truly sad.

BUT, I've got this last quarter's royalites (hold onto your shorts...$23!) burning a hole in my pay pal account and I've got to put it towards something!! And, to dispel any feelings of disrespect my quiet jab at the low dollar amount of my royalties may produce I would like to say that I think it's great that I'm earning any amount of money off my work. This $23 actually translates into close to 50 books sold which to me is amazing. 50 people that I don't know bought my work. That makes me very happy so thank-you to all of you who have purchased my work over the last 15 months.

ok, got to run!

Until next time,

Ivy B hoping you'll forgive me for using my blog to go on and on about my celebrity crushes and please come back tomorrow to say hi to Miranda Stowe!


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Linda Kage said...

I'm still trying to figure out a way that I can watch Doctor Who. Maybe I can grown a David Tennant fixation too!

I'm always having to look up the spelling of a word. But what really drives me crazy is when I can't remember what something is called. Right now, I'm trying to remember what that rolly thing is a mechanic lies on so he can scoot under a car to look at the motor. I seriously doubt it's called "rolly thing!"

Woo Hoo on the royalty. I think my last royalty check into Paypal was for $2.10!! That's kind of why I love having lots of publishers. There's alwyas little bits coming in from here and there!