Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ivy B punished for not a being a Pastry Making Succubus

Hello Sweet Bees

Ok...maybe punished is too strong a word, but it's 4:45 in the afternoon, it's really sunny where I'm sitting and since I'm very close to impersonating a cat and curling up for a nap in a sunbeam, it's really amazing I can type anything at all.

So, what am I on about? Well, I've chatted a bit about this on Facebook today so this may be a bit of repeat for some of you HOWEVER...

before I ramble, let me alert you to the fact that (alert you? I'm not sure that's entirely grammatically correct.) on April, 25th, I will have a guest author stopping by. Miranda Stowe will be here to tell you why she likes Shifters. Now, well I may not delve into the world of Shifters as an author, as a reader, I'm intrigued by the idea of being draw to someone's animal nature. I'll do another quick reminder next week, but just keep it in mind: Miranda Stowe, April, 25th, right here on Ivy B.

Ok, so getting back to what I've already discussed which is that today on Facebook I mentioned a dream I had last night (or rather a dream I had this morning to be more precise) that my husband left me for some woman who made incredibly delicious cupcakes. It is starting to fade more and more as the hours pass, as dreams do, but it was still very clear in my mind when my husband said goodbye to me before heading to work and I was quite upset with him.

"I'm mad at you!" I said, probably scowling at him and no doubt looking as attractive as a hamster that has just been woken up by a small child banging on its cage.

"Why?" he asked, all innocence and purity! The nerve!

"You left me for some woman who made really good cupcakes!" I squeaked, the words leaving pain their wake.

"I did what?" As if he didn't know, the trollop!

"That's right! But at least Batman saved me. He was Christian Bale Batman and he took me unmasked (as in he was unmasked) to his Batcave and told me that revenge was useless and would serve no purpose." I said this to my husband with as much attitude as I could muster in my half awake, heart broken state. I had hoped to hurt him! But instead he laughed! and went to work as if he was as pure as the driven snow!

Sigh...and as a side note David Tennant was in there somewhere too. I believe I told him I was divorced and that I'd been left for a sham of a woman and he didn't really seem to care. Instead of saying that all was not lost because he was here to save me as well and would like to take me to places I'd only imaged, he stayed silent and ran away. He had to run off and save the world or something while I was left to defend my honour and dispel the rumours that the hussy who stole my husband with baked treats was spreading about me all over town. She was trying to tell every one that I faked my wrist injury which was a total lie. Also, while Batman/Christian Bale was giving me sound advice about the nature of hollow revenge, he was tinkering with or doing Batman science on an engine...and we had to climb up a ladder to get into the Batcave which seemed odd to me...

Anyway...that's what's on my mind at the moment. It's funny what your mind will do in the night. I don't think I ate anything out of the ordinary yesterday.

Except for that cupcake...

Until next time,

Ivy B watching Doctor Who. She's happy to report that her daughter is now quite the fan of the show and she is happily taking advantage of this new development. However, she (me, Ivy) really doesn't need an excuse to watch the same episodes over and over but it does make her feel better to have a reason.



Mary Corrales said...

Okay Ivy, thank you very much. I just bought cupcakes yesterday and now am totally scared of them! Lord girl what a dream.

On a side note...I would have totally had me a piece of Batman. Not because he's gorgeous, but to console my broken heart. Yep, right there in the Batcave!

Hugs. I'm off to throw away chocolate cupcakes. Lol.

Ivy Bateman said...

It was quite the dream. I rarely have dreams that I can remember vividly. It's funny that this one stuck. Perhaps I'm insecure about my lack of baking and am genuinely worried that my husband will leave me for someone who regularly turns the stove on to make him delicious treats.