Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ivy B Feeling Supported

Hello Sweet Bees

Good Sunday to you!  I've had a busy few ending, trip to see fam and friends, back to work, camp starting for my daughter...but I'm back now and I'm doing a lot of thinking.

I'm thinking of going back to school. 19 years ago I entered a 2 year dramatic arts program where I perfected the art of emoting and listening to people's sob stories (and if any of you have ever been involved in a drama program, you know what I mean. We actors just feel the need to explain in gobs of detail why we have to express our deepest and most repressed fears by pretending to be the wind bending the lilies) and although the main result of 2 years in this program was making me come the conclusion that acting for a living may not actually be in my future, I did graduate with a lovely man who's still with me. Not a bad deal.

I believe that I would like to return to school for Business Administration, which could prove to be a more useful career move and one that all those aptitude tests from high school told me I should make instead of a career in drama. I remember being angry at those results and now, 25 years later, I can see that the tests were right.

Anyway, last week while discussing this idea with a friend of mine, I said "My husband is really supportive of the idea and so is my daughter and the thought of going back to school excites me. I'm ready for something new! Really, the only thing stopping me from going to school this fall is that I don't have the resources." My friend responded with, "Just put it out there to the universe! If you need money, it will come to you."

I thought about that and perhaps she's right, but I don't think it won't happen for a while because last week the universe was busy working on getting me something else I'd sort of sent out into the ether.

I HATE shopping for bras. Totally hate it. I can never determine the right size, and if I find a bra I think I like, after I've had it on for about 4 hours it starts to poke and chafe. Yes, yes...I could go for a bra fitting, but I really don't want some chick half my age poking around at my girls telling me that lemon yellow is the new black and I should really consider wearing a "push your boobs up so high that you can rest your chin on them should you need a quick nap" bra and that it would be super cool to wear it under a see through shirt. A few months back I found a couple I liked and they have been the only two in my rotation of chestal undergarments. Of course, because I wear them both a lot, they're starting to go stretchy and blah.

As I was holding one of my "we don't poke you as much those other bras do" bras in one had and staring at the other one hanging in my closet amongst the sad bras that hardly ever get worn, I thought "Oh man, I really don't want to have to go bra shopping...they're so expensive and it will take me forever to find one I like..." and the whining continued for a bit and then I moved on with my day.

Jump to Wednesday! I was visiting with another friend and she asked me if I would like to go through a bunch of old cloths she was giving away. I was a bit skeptical because she's half my size, but I thought perhaps some of her tops would fit my daughter and if she had any "I just had a baby so I'm wearing bigger garments" clothes in there, they would probably fit me. However, I really got excited when she said "Oh, and there's a bunch of bras in here too. They're my mother in laws and I wore them when I was pregnant."


When I got home I immediately tore into the bag 'o bras and whoo hoo!! GOLD MINE!  Most of the fit. Do you hear me??? Most of them fit!!! There are at least 7 or 8 bras in perfect condition and THEY FIT ME in the most glorious, non poky, non chafey fashion! Assuming I stay the same size, I won't have to bra shop for for years!!!  Ivy for the win!

Now was this find due to my sort of sending out a longing for bras I don't have to try on at Walmart? Did the universe feel my pain and answer my call with a glorious bag of hand me down bras? Will it now find a way for me to go back to school sooner than later?

Perhaps. Or maybe I'll just have to find the money another way. Maybe by, oh I don't know, saving it.

Either way, my lovely sweet bees, I feel supported.

Until next time,

Ivy B hoping you all feel supported in your lives too.