Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ivy B Over At Breathless Press

Hello and good Saturday to you Sweet Bees

If you can believe it's the last day of August than you probably own a calendar or two like I do. However, to me, it doesn't feel like the last day and of August and I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around the fact that in just a few days my daughter will be starting grade 7!

Good gravy, that's not scary at all...

Ok, so the point of this blog entry is to let you know that today I'm over on my publisher's blog.

Here's the link for you.

Interview with Me, Ivy Bateman on the Breathless Press Blog

And so, I hope you'll scoot on over and check answers to questions I answered a while back and don't  remember all that clearly. So actually...when you're done, if you could come back here and let me know what I said or comment on just how witty I am, that'd be great.

Yes, yes...I could use the link and go over myself, but I've got a bathroom to paint. We're going with the colour "Chillin". I feel it's a good choice for the bathroom since in the winter months I usually feel very Chill, in it.

I'm off, but until next time,

Ivy B hoping you have a lovely last long weekend of summer and I will be back next week, hopefully with good news regarding a recent submission and an update on that ol' pipe dream list I created over 6 months ago.


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Mary Corrales said...

Great Interview. My mom and I have a few gibberish words as well that we use and can still completely understand one another.

Must be a mother/daughter thing. :)