Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ivy B Wondering Who?

 Hello my Sweet Bees

It it's a glorious Sunday in my neck of the woods and soon I will get out and enjoy it, but not before I let you know that today I'm over at fellow Breathless Press author Raven McAllan's Blog. So, join me there and then come back here.

Or finish reading this blog and then go over there. It's really up to you. I'm just happy you stopped by.

Those of you who are fans of Doctor Who do not need to be told that today is a pretty exciting day. The big reveal, the huge announcement, the unveiling of the man who will fill a much coveted role! Who, my bees, who is the next Doctor?

I have been wondering a lot and as big a fan as I am of the show, I'm not overly concerned about whom they cast. The creators of the show have great insticts and their casting choices for all the roles on the show are usually spot on. I fairly certain that whomever they have chosen to replace Matt Smith, he will be marvelous and although we will feel terribly sad as Matt bursts into a mass of regeneration engery, by the end of the episode, we will have accepted the new Doctor.

Or at least I will. I don't want to assume that everyone out there will feel the same way.

And I wish I could write more, but it's Sunday morning and my coffee is taking longer to wake me up than usual. So I will be wandering off now in search of more coffee.

Until next time,

Ivy B wondering if any of the readers of this blog are also wondering who?


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DawnsReadingNook said...

Actually my daughter is anxious on who the new doctor is. She is on Season 7 and just loves it.