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Ivy B hosting Kirsten Blacketer

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And welcome to Saturday! Yesterday one of my fellow Breathless Press authors, Kirsten Blacketer, celebrated the release of her debut novel An Irresistible Shadow. Isn't that a fabulous title?

One of the hardest things about being an author, at least for me, is finding the guts to ask people I've never seen or met or had any physical contact with if they would mind hosting me on their blog or website in order to help me promote my novel. So, when I'm cruising on Facebook and an author I've some connection with puts out a call for promo help, I'm always very happy to volunteer my blog because I've been there and I know that someone saying, "Yes! I'd love to help!" is always a fantastic relief!

So, that's enough of my rambling! Let's get on with the promo of Kirsten Blacketer and her debut Breathless Press novel An Irresistible Shadow.


Thanks, Ivy for hosting me on your blog.  My debut novel is An Irresistible Shadow.  It is set in 1329 England in a small barony that borders with Scotland, a time ripe with tension and treason.  I'm sure you are wondering why I would write a medieval romance.  The answer is simple.  I have always had an obsession with the middle ages.  My obsession with film also fed my fascination with that time period.  I was even tempted to study Renaissance and Medieval history in college, but a degree in English won that battle.  The research would have been an asset in writing my novel.

 I was fifteen years old when the seeds of this story were first planted.  It began as the story of a man-hating princess.  For ten years, this princess haunted me, begging me to tell her story.  But I was too terrified to write, afraid my skills were subpar.  When I joined a writer's group several years ago, I began to flesh out her story.  As the plot unfolded in my notes, she became more complex, morphing from man-hating princess into the defiant, independent daughter of the Baron of Rayne.  Lady Evelyn Montgomery.  I knew we were finally getting there. 
Then the hero emerged, shrouded in shadows, claiming to be her protector.  Her guardian angel, Gabriel.  The Shadow Guardian, as I like to call him.  I fell in love with Gabriel.  He was everything I longed for in a hero.  Strong, intuitive, witty, and practical.  Putting these two characters together guaranteed a fireworks show. 

Here is an excerpt from my novel, complete with a little banter between Evelyn and Gabriel to whet your appetite.  Please check out my links, pick up a copy and enjoy the story that haunted me for half my life.

The sun dipped low on the horizon, as Evelyn approached the outer walls of the keep. She dismounted and led Jester toward the postern gate. A patch of thistle blossomed near the stone barrier. She moved closer to gather some of the blooms, and then froze at the sound of voices. Silently tying the reins to a tree, she crept into the woods to hide in the underbrush. Two male voices reached her ears.

"I am tired of waiting," the first man said with obvious irritation. "We should just kill him now."

Evelyn froze; dread lodging itself in her chest.

"Calm yourself. Stay close and be ready to move at a moment's notice. I will contact you when we are ready."

The undergrowth rustled as their footsteps receded from her, their voices fading into the distance. She backed out of her little hiding spot with care only to collide with a warm, solid body. A hand clamped over her mouth.

 Thank-you very much Kirsten for coming on over to Ivy B today and sharing some insight into and an excert from your new novel. I wish you great success with this, your debut novel, and with your next novels too!

For those of you who would like to find Kirsten and her work, please follow these links!

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