Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ivy B heating up her Sunday with Raven!

Hello Sweet Bees

And Happy Sunday to you! Now that things have settled down Doctor Who least for now...there is the excitement of the Christmas Specials to come...I'm into promo mode. My Christmas story is coming out in less than a month, but other Breathless Press authors have books coming out too or are promoting just released books.

Raven McAllan is such an author and she's here to day with an excerpt from her latest book Miss Simpkin' School: Flora. This tale is book one of Raven's new series Miss Simpkin's School for Seduction.

*BE WARNED* my Sweet Bees, the passage below is not for the faint of heart. It's hot and detailed. :)

Please take it away Raven! I need to go find a cold cloth, or a man...

So, I had this idea. This is the blurb for the first book in this series.

Ex mistress to an Earl, who better than Molly Simpkins to show Flora how to ensure she gets what she needs from her marriage?
Flora's intended has ideas she doesn't agree with. Fraser thinks she should be happy to live at their Scottish estate whilst he spends his time in London.
It may be the way of the ton, but it isn't going to be Flora's way. This is her chance to show Angus what he'd miss if he leaves her alone. There's only one thing, she doesn't know how.
Luckily Miss Simpkins does.

Now I'm hoping you've thought …hmmm, that sounds intriguing. Because really intrigue is what the book is all about. We don't really know what goes in between two people unless they tell us, and even then sometimes you think, ah, is that true or embellished? We can't tell that when we're talking/writing about people from long ago.
But I have a good imagination (and some great history books for research.)
This is the result.
A wee tease…
“Ah, so good. Fraser. I need to know.”
“Know what? Tell me, Flora, show me what you want.” His finger moved in her, and yet more stings and tingles enveloped her. She began to lose the ability to speak, let alone think. What had he asked?
“What? Ah, everything, I have to experience everything.” Her tongue seemed to have developed a mind of its own, and she had trouble forming her words.
He moved so fast she didn’t have time to look and admire his body as he pulled the banyan over his head and stretched out on his back next to her.
“Then take what you need.” He spread his hands out wide.
What? He expects me to touch him? How, I wonder? She decided that perhaps to mimic some of his actions would be acceptable. But she was naked, and so was he, what if? Stop thinking and just do something. Before she had a chance to change her mind, Flora scrambled onto her knees and knelt by his side. As she dipped her head her hair brushed his chest and he groaned. She pulled back in alarm, but he grabbed her arm.
“Oh no, don’t stop. I’m interested, very interested to see what happens next.” He rubbed her arms in a soft soothing manner. “That gentle caress had to be the prelude to so much more. Touch me, as you like to be touched.” He guided her hand to his chest. “I promise you won’t give me pain—not in a bad way.”
Emboldened by his words and actions, Flora circled the dark male areolae one by one, and pinched his nipples in much the same way he had done to her. His eyes deepened in color as the nubs hardened under her touch.
“More.” Just one word, designed to make her feel empowered. She bent her head again and laved the area with her tongue before taking one nub into her mouth and grazing it with her teeth. It was his turn to gasp.
She had to agree with him. Each touch she gave him made her ever more excited, and her juices increased, to coat her thighs. She shifted her body, and he grasped her waist to hold her closer, until she was half on top of him. Something hard pressed against her side. She did a mental inventory of where she was and realized his cock was rubbing her.
“I think my pego is ready for you, my dear. Eager and in dire need of attention.”
Flora took a swift glance downward and then looked back up to his face. He was correct. She wasn’t sure she was ready to take his prick in hand yet. In the moonlight, Fraser’s eyes glittered and the smile he gave her was one of encouragement. “Don’t give up now, my love. Finish what you’ve started.”
That was the problem, what had she started? “I don’t know how,” she said. “Will you show me?”
“For someone who doesn’t know how, you have a gift be-yond price,” Fraser answered her, his voice deep and smooth, like liquid chocolate. “My body is oh so ready to fuck. I would very much like to feel you around me, to feel my cock deep inside you, and bring us both to climax. However, there are a couple of things that need clarifying first.”
There was? Flora wasn’t sure she liked the sound of that. The deep grey eyes now had a hint of steel in them, and his mouth had firmed. How he could turn from lazy-eyed lover to this implacable dominant male she wasn’t sure. She pulled back to kneel on her knees and Fraser didn’t stop her.
“I also wish to understand something.” She did her best to sound in control of herself, and not a quivering mass of need.
“Like what?”
She guessed the loud thumping she could hear was her heart as she decided how to reply. “Why do you want to marry me? Why me and not any other acceptable female? What makes you think I’m the right person for you? To bear your children, continue the line, and to do all your countess should.” Would he answer her? If he did, would it be what she wanted to hear?
The silence lasted for all of the count of thirty noisy heart- beats. Flora began to worry. Had she done everything wrong? She began to edge backward. He shot out his hand and caught her un- aware and she toppled forward onto his hard body once more. His cock wedged between them and tickled her quim. Then he smiled slowly as he rolled her under him, and looked down on her as he rested on his elbows. The scant inch between them heightened her arousal, until her body was a mass of tiny pin pricks and ripples.
“Because I only want you, have only wanted you since you so prettily asked me to marry you all those years ago. Hell, I’ve waited with as much patience as I could muster. So many years as I watched and hoped no other would catch your eye. The older you grew, the prettier you became, the harder it was for me to stand back and wait. But I promised John I would let you grow without preconceived ideas of your future. No longer, let me show you.” He knelt up, and grasped her ankles.
Her legs were parted as he placed one foot on each of his shoulders. Flora watched wide-eyed, her throat tight, and her mouth dry as he took hold of his cock and stroked it slowly from glistening tip to hard balls. She bit her lip. His prick was so big, its purple head slick with his juice, and the veins along its length stood out and beckoned to her.
“Are you ready?”
Is she? Are you? If so… buy links

And from Raven, a big thank you to Ivy for letting me chat, and for you the reader for reading,
 Love R  x
Thank-you Raven and thank-you Sweet Bees for joining me today on Ivy B. To find out more about Raven and her saucy books, you can find her here, at her website

Until next time,

Ivy B busy getting ready for the Christmas promo Season!


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ivy B Celebrating the Doctor

Hello Sweet Bees

And welcome to Saturday, November 23/2013! The Day of the Doctor! I won't ramble on to too  much, but needless to say I'm pretty darn excited about this afternoon's broadcast.

I'm up early this morning to do this post, catch up on emails and finish my TARDIS cake. Not long before we head out to my friend's place to watch the 50th Anniversary Special, I'll put on my 10th Doctor Costume and demand that photographs of me looking awesome be taken from every angle.

Yes, and as if this really needs to be said, I'm a fan. The show makes me happy, I think it's stunning, incredibly written, well acted and well just brilliant. I love talking about it and learning more and more about the history behind it.


I do have a limit to how far my super fandom will go. I would not ever, just to be clear, go around the world, seeking out Doctors past and present to sign various body parts and then have their signatures tattooed over to ensure they are forever keep-sies. I just watched a clip from the Graham Norton show, a show featuring David Tennant & Matt Smith, and there was a guy on it who was doing just that. Matt had actually signed his arm at San Diego Comic Con this past summer and he has a space ready and waiting for David's autograph. Now recently, I saw an interview where David Tennant said he doesn't like signing people's body parts because he really doesn't want them to get his autograph tattooed. So, as he graciously filled this pipe dream space on this man's arm, I really, really wonder what he was thinking.

Anyway...I'm not here to judge...much...this guy clearly wants to show his love for Doctor Who with body art that will last a lifetime and I'm happy doing something simpler like dabbling in a bit of cos-play, eating some self made theme cake and sharing in this exciting day with some good friends.

So, I best be off, but before I go...

Ivy B wondering, if you're fan of Doctor Who, how are you celebrating today?


Friday, November 22, 2013

Ivy B asking "Who Do You Love?"

Hello Sweet Bees

And welcome to Friday! It's glorious isn't it? The feeling that's in the air? The magic that surrounds the globe right now could be picked and placed in a basket to be admired.

Ok, that's getting a bit ridiculous, but I think it's fair to say that there are many people around the world who have caught a fever and the only cure is Doctor Who! Tomorrow is the big day, the big 50th Anniversary Special and I don't know about you, but I will be glued to the screen, probably while wearing my 10th Doctor getup AND eating a piece of a TARDIS cake that I've been asked to make for the event.

Now, I've met lots of lovely people over the last couple of Ivy years and some of us have bonded over one thing or another and my guest today is no exception. Today fellow Breathless Press author Faberge Nostromo is here to talk about something we have in commom: a love for Doctor Who.

I'll quit jabbering and clear way for Fabs' post!  Please read on to find out which Doctor is his Doctor!


Who's your Who?

Which Doctor?

That's a question that flies about a lot, through time and space -rather like the Doctor himself.

And it's as much a matter of opinion as it is a social indicator of age, demographic, location and… oh, anything else you care to want to peg on it.

I'm old enough, sadly, to remember all 50 years and all 11 Doctors from grainy black and white William Hartnell to full-on, full colour Matt Smith, so, while my opinion is just as subjective – and opinionated – as the next fan's I like to think I can see the whole Who.

In 1963 the world was a lot, lot bigger than it is now. If you didn't know something there was a possibility that you might never know it. You couldn't just click a mouse and find out everything about anything. Knowledge lived in encyclopedias, great weighty tomes that were kept safe and sound in libraries. Actors and celebrities were a mysterious breed who lived in a parallel, better, dimension and while you might recognise the regular bit part actors dotted around your favourite programmes and the glittering stars who shone in the films you saw in the cinema - just the once; no video, dvd or youtube – you didn't really know who they were.

So when Shakespearean actor and TV 'tough guy' William Hartnell was cast as this strange character called Doctor Who he didn’t come encumbered with all the baggage of celebrity and only a mild "I think I've seen him before somewhere".

And consequently Doctor Who started off as mysterious, unknown, quirky and scary. The BBC plainly had no idea then of his back-story, or of time lords and regeneration. They were winging it and making it up as they went along and it was glorious.

I was genuinely frightened by the Daleks and terrified when the Cybermen appeared. I was young and it was that good. And then when William Hartnell blurred, via the best special effects the BBC could afford back then, into Patrick Troughton it was wild and posed so-o-o many questions.

And they've been getting answered, or avoided, ever since with varying degrees of success.

But back to the question –

Who's your Who – who's your favourite Doctor?

For me, well…

I've stuck with it, mostly, for those 50 years; dipping in and out of the dull wasteland where Jon Pertwee was stuck on planet Earth, skimming through the mis-cast Peter Davison (sorry but he was still Tristan in All Creature Great And Small for me), almost giving up during the downward spiral of Colin Baker into the pointless Sylveste McCoy. I even lost heart a bit when David Tennant teamed up with Freema Agyeman.
But Matt Smith saved it for me, almost surpassing the dizzy heights of the glorious Tom Baker years.

And,yes, he's my Doctor:– Tom Baker.

Almost unknown, working on a building site when he was cast, he brought no baggage to it and soared with the part. He defines Doctor Who completely for me and sets the benchmark.

The Doctor is bigger than the actor, the series is bigger than the star. Tom Baker got that.

Which is what really, really worries me about Peter Capaldi. I fear it's a dreadful mistake and will consign the series to the "yeah, it used to be good but now it's all about that bafta award winning superstar who just doesn't understand it".

I hope I'm still watching it next year, but Who knows?


Thanks very much Faberge for coming by Ivy B and sharing your history with Doctor Who!

And for those of you out there who have no interest and no idea what we're on about,

Ivy B wondering, 

what TV show gets you excited enough to celebrate??


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ivy B Nice and Naughty for your Christmas Season

Hello my Sweet Bees

Yes, yes it's been a while, but I'm back. The summer was particularly busy followed by an even busier and stressful fall, but as the clouds turn from rainy grey to a colour that indicates it will snow soon, I've returned to my blog with news about my up coming Christmas story.

My Christmas Nice

This book, which has a stunning cover designed by the very talented Victoria Miller, will be coming to the interwebs for your buying, and hopefully reading, pleasure December, 20/2013. I will post the buy link as soon as I have it.

My Christmas Naughty

Christmas Eve Surprise is very different from the Christmas story I wrote last year. It's, well, nicer I suppose would be a word for it. Nobody is cruel, nobody is power tripping, nobody is an ice creature and there is no paranormal adventure. However, if that sounds intriguing to you, please click the title of this book to head on over to Breathless Press to purchase Baby, You're Cold Inside as an early Christmas gift for yourself. (As a side note, this cover was also designed by Victoria Miller. In case you didn't already know, she rocks the cover art world)

My best selling book!
And since we're talking about my books and their covers, back on October, 6/2013, I received some rather happy news regarding the cover
Between the Lines, my first book with Breathless Press that came out in January of 2012. At the Romance Novel Convention in Aug, 2013 in Las Vegas, Between the Lines won for best cover in the Erotica category! I was thrilled and genuinely surprised because, to be honest, I'd completely forgotten I'd entered my cover in the contest! So, I send out hearty congratulations to my cover artist for Between the Lines, LFD Designs. She really captured exactly what I was looking for in my cover. Much like Victoria does when I give her my design specs. I've been very happy with all my book covers.

I will return soon with a blurb and an excerpt from Christmas Eve Surprise and maybe even post a book trailer for said book if I find some time in a hidey hold somewhere that will give me a few extra hours in my week to create such a thing.

In the meantime, if you are a Doctor Who fan, I would suggest that you stop by Ivy B on Friday because fellow Breathless Press author, Faberge Nostromo, will be here to chat about his history through time and space with the Doctor over the last 50 years.

Until next time,

Ivy B getting you covered...? No...I'm not sure that works, but it's all I've got.