Friday, November 22, 2013

Ivy B asking "Who Do You Love?"

Hello Sweet Bees

And welcome to Friday! It's glorious isn't it? The feeling that's in the air? The magic that surrounds the globe right now could be picked and placed in a basket to be admired.

Ok, that's getting a bit ridiculous, but I think it's fair to say that there are many people around the world who have caught a fever and the only cure is Doctor Who! Tomorrow is the big day, the big 50th Anniversary Special and I don't know about you, but I will be glued to the screen, probably while wearing my 10th Doctor getup AND eating a piece of a TARDIS cake that I've been asked to make for the event.

Now, I've met lots of lovely people over the last couple of Ivy years and some of us have bonded over one thing or another and my guest today is no exception. Today fellow Breathless Press author Faberge Nostromo is here to talk about something we have in commom: a love for Doctor Who.

I'll quit jabbering and clear way for Fabs' post!  Please read on to find out which Doctor is his Doctor!


Who's your Who?

Which Doctor?

That's a question that flies about a lot, through time and space -rather like the Doctor himself.

And it's as much a matter of opinion as it is a social indicator of age, demographic, location and… oh, anything else you care to want to peg on it.

I'm old enough, sadly, to remember all 50 years and all 11 Doctors from grainy black and white William Hartnell to full-on, full colour Matt Smith, so, while my opinion is just as subjective – and opinionated – as the next fan's I like to think I can see the whole Who.

In 1963 the world was a lot, lot bigger than it is now. If you didn't know something there was a possibility that you might never know it. You couldn't just click a mouse and find out everything about anything. Knowledge lived in encyclopedias, great weighty tomes that were kept safe and sound in libraries. Actors and celebrities were a mysterious breed who lived in a parallel, better, dimension and while you might recognise the regular bit part actors dotted around your favourite programmes and the glittering stars who shone in the films you saw in the cinema - just the once; no video, dvd or youtube – you didn't really know who they were.

So when Shakespearean actor and TV 'tough guy' William Hartnell was cast as this strange character called Doctor Who he didn’t come encumbered with all the baggage of celebrity and only a mild "I think I've seen him before somewhere".

And consequently Doctor Who started off as mysterious, unknown, quirky and scary. The BBC plainly had no idea then of his back-story, or of time lords and regeneration. They were winging it and making it up as they went along and it was glorious.

I was genuinely frightened by the Daleks and terrified when the Cybermen appeared. I was young and it was that good. And then when William Hartnell blurred, via the best special effects the BBC could afford back then, into Patrick Troughton it was wild and posed so-o-o many questions.

And they've been getting answered, or avoided, ever since with varying degrees of success.

But back to the question –

Who's your Who – who's your favourite Doctor?

For me, well…

I've stuck with it, mostly, for those 50 years; dipping in and out of the dull wasteland where Jon Pertwee was stuck on planet Earth, skimming through the mis-cast Peter Davison (sorry but he was still Tristan in All Creature Great And Small for me), almost giving up during the downward spiral of Colin Baker into the pointless Sylveste McCoy. I even lost heart a bit when David Tennant teamed up with Freema Agyeman.
But Matt Smith saved it for me, almost surpassing the dizzy heights of the glorious Tom Baker years.

And,yes, he's my Doctor:– Tom Baker.

Almost unknown, working on a building site when he was cast, he brought no baggage to it and soared with the part. He defines Doctor Who completely for me and sets the benchmark.

The Doctor is bigger than the actor, the series is bigger than the star. Tom Baker got that.

Which is what really, really worries me about Peter Capaldi. I fear it's a dreadful mistake and will consign the series to the "yeah, it used to be good but now it's all about that bafta award winning superstar who just doesn't understand it".

I hope I'm still watching it next year, but Who knows?


Thanks very much Faberge for coming by Ivy B and sharing your history with Doctor Who!

And for those of you out there who have no interest and no idea what we're on about,

Ivy B wondering, 

what TV show gets you excited enough to celebrate??



Manda Ward said...

Im a big Dr Who fan myself, and I'm proud to be a Brit. I admit I don't remember much of the later Doctors, as my late dad was a big fan of Tom Baker. I liked David Tennant's total immersion as the doctor and the way he went from being really intimidating to finishing on a silly note. Matt smith is great as the old man in a young persons body, but now after watching Night of the Doctor...Im going to go with Paul McGann. He should have been given more of a chance.

MyFridgeIsCold said...

Really looking forward to what they do with John Hurt's character - and wondering if there'll be a link between him and Christopher Eccleston's Dr?

Tammy Biickert said...

I, too, am a Tom Baker fan. Spending some of my formative years in Rotherham, I watched Tom Baker's Doctor religiously. I can still hear the opening track and see the spiralling worm hole. I have no doubts there have been other good (maybe even greater) Doctors, but for me there is only Tom Baker's rendition. :)

Tammy Biickert said...

And to set the record straight, I did watch a few episodes with Davison and McGann, but just for the articles. ;)

DawnsReadingNook said...

My daughter is a huge Doctor Who fan...well the newer ones I should say. She is 14 so to her Matt Smith and David Tennant were her favorite doctors. She is really hoping to watch it online since we don't have cable TV or anything. She even had a doctor who themed birthday party

Ivy Bateman said...

Hey Dawn! My daughter just turned 12 and she had a Doctor Who party as well! She dress up as Clara and her friends dressed up too. It was a great time! I hope she can find it online!!

Ivy Bateman said...

:) Oh and your love of the man with the impossibly long scarf. :)

Ivy Bateman said...

Yes, I'm interested in that too!! Thanks very much for dropping by today Fabs! Always lovely to have you on.

Ivy Bateman said...

Thanks for your comment Manda! I agree with you about Paul McGann (and your other comments too actually!). I wish he'd be around longer. Well...he did the radio plays as I understand it...I should see if I can find them!