Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ivy B Celebrating the Doctor

Hello Sweet Bees

And welcome to Saturday, November 23/2013! The Day of the Doctor! I won't ramble on to too  much, but needless to say I'm pretty darn excited about this afternoon's broadcast.

I'm up early this morning to do this post, catch up on emails and finish my TARDIS cake. Not long before we head out to my friend's place to watch the 50th Anniversary Special, I'll put on my 10th Doctor Costume and demand that photographs of me looking awesome be taken from every angle.

Yes, and as if this really needs to be said, I'm a fan. The show makes me happy, I think it's stunning, incredibly written, well acted and well just brilliant. I love talking about it and learning more and more about the history behind it.


I do have a limit to how far my super fandom will go. I would not ever, just to be clear, go around the world, seeking out Doctors past and present to sign various body parts and then have their signatures tattooed over to ensure they are forever keep-sies. I just watched a clip from the Graham Norton show, a show featuring David Tennant & Matt Smith, and there was a guy on it who was doing just that. Matt had actually signed his arm at San Diego Comic Con this past summer and he has a space ready and waiting for David's autograph. Now recently, I saw an interview where David Tennant said he doesn't like signing people's body parts because he really doesn't want them to get his autograph tattooed. So, as he graciously filled this pipe dream space on this man's arm, I really, really wonder what he was thinking.

Anyway...I'm not here to judge...much...this guy clearly wants to show his love for Doctor Who with body art that will last a lifetime and I'm happy doing something simpler like dabbling in a bit of cos-play, eating some self made theme cake and sharing in this exciting day with some good friends.

So, I best be off, but before I go...

Ivy B wondering, if you're fan of Doctor Who, how are you celebrating today?



Faberge Nostromo said...

I was visiting my son at Uni in Aberystwyth and apparently the main theatre there was packed with students watching it. Us parents were dismissed back to our B&B to watch it. Brilliant to see Tom Baker - my favourite - back.

Faberge Nostromo said...

And…. did John Hurt regenerate into Christopher Eccleston?