Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ivy B Nice and Naughty for your Christmas Season

Hello my Sweet Bees

Yes, yes it's been a while, but I'm back. The summer was particularly busy followed by an even busier and stressful fall, but as the clouds turn from rainy grey to a colour that indicates it will snow soon, I've returned to my blog with news about my up coming Christmas story.

My Christmas Nice

This book, which has a stunning cover designed by the very talented Victoria Miller, will be coming to the interwebs for your buying, and hopefully reading, pleasure December, 20/2013. I will post the buy link as soon as I have it.

My Christmas Naughty

Christmas Eve Surprise is very different from the Christmas story I wrote last year. It's, well, nicer I suppose would be a word for it. Nobody is cruel, nobody is power tripping, nobody is an ice creature and there is no paranormal adventure. However, if that sounds intriguing to you, please click the title of this book to head on over to Breathless Press to purchase Baby, You're Cold Inside as an early Christmas gift for yourself. (As a side note, this cover was also designed by Victoria Miller. In case you didn't already know, she rocks the cover art world)

My best selling book!
And since we're talking about my books and their covers, back on October, 6/2013, I received some rather happy news regarding the cover
Between the Lines, my first book with Breathless Press that came out in January of 2012. At the Romance Novel Convention in Aug, 2013 in Las Vegas, Between the Lines won for best cover in the Erotica category! I was thrilled and genuinely surprised because, to be honest, I'd completely forgotten I'd entered my cover in the contest! So, I send out hearty congratulations to my cover artist for Between the Lines, LFD Designs. She really captured exactly what I was looking for in my cover. Much like Victoria does when I give her my design specs. I've been very happy with all my book covers.

I will return soon with a blurb and an excerpt from Christmas Eve Surprise and maybe even post a book trailer for said book if I find some time in a hidey hold somewhere that will give me a few extra hours in my week to create such a thing.

In the meantime, if you are a Doctor Who fan, I would suggest that you stop by Ivy B on Friday because fellow Breathless Press author, Faberge Nostromo, will be here to chat about his history through time and space with the Doctor over the last 50 years.

Until next time,

Ivy B getting you covered...? No...I'm not sure that works, but it's all I've got.


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