Friday, December 13, 2013

Ivy B Chatting with Faberge about Character Inspiration

Hello and Happy Friday Sweet Bees

Only one week until the release of Christmas Eve Surprise! So, in order to keep the promo train running, I'm going to send you over to see me at

On his blog, I'm chatting about who inspired the male characters in Christmas Eve Surprise. And speaking of guys, this has nothing to do with my book, but I witnessed something pretty adorable at work on Thusday that I'd like to share. I work at a used clothing store and about 4pm , four high school guys rushed into the store and did a B-Line over to the women's skirts! They were holding them up, discussing how nice they were, suggesting different ones if they thought there was a better choice and so on. I just stood behind the counter chuckling to myself and eventually found out from one of the boys that they needed skirts for an event at school. Raising money (and eyebrows! ba-doom, ting!) was involved. 

What I found most interesting about witnessing these boys choose skirts, and later blouses, was that they were very excited to be shopping for women's clothing. There wasn't a bashful face in the bunch. It was quite refreshing and it really made my day.

That's all for me. Please pop over to Faberge's now for a little peak at Christmas Eve Surprise.

Until Monday,

Ivy B hoping you have a lovely weekend.


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