Monday, December 2, 2013

Ivy B Posting About Cyber Monday!

Hello Sweet Bees

Here's a post like me: Short and Sweet. my case the scale is a lot heavier on the short side...

Today at Breathless Press it's Cyber Monday! When you say that out loud, do you hear the ominous commercial voice? No? Hmmm...perhaps I didn't post it right...Maybe the picture will help with the effect!

There! Much better! So, it's 60% all books except books that are available for pre-order. Pre-order books are 20%! Pre-orders such as Christmas Eve Surprise by me, Ivy Bateman! This book comes out December, 20th and will only be $1.99, but right it's 20% less than that! Is that a bargain?? I think so!

I'll post the excerpt just to give you a taste!

Excerpt from Christmas Eve Surprise
 As the weeks crept closer and closer to Christmas Eve, Tim had had begun to worry that he wouldn't find a man that would have sex with him in front of Stella. He had fixated so much on this fantasy-fulfilling evening being his Christmas present to her that he'd not taken the time to find her another gift. Both he and Stella took finding each other the perfect gift very seriously. It wouldn't do if she was to present him with a gift she'd put a lot of thought into, like the beautiful chain she'd gotten him for his fob watch last year, only to be presented in return with a cardigan she didn't like or a hat she'd never wear.
He pulled out a key, unlocked his desk drawer, got out his black book, and pored over all of his carefully written notes. Tim looked at the dozens of entries he'd written about most of the single and attractive men in his office. None of them had seemed to be someone who would be willing to have a night of hot man sex in front of his wife. He felt doomed to give Stella a gift she would remember forever, but only because it was one he hadn't put any thought into. With a heavy heart he closed his black book and returned it to the drawer.
As he was locking it, his boss Terry walked in with an extremely good-looking man. The stranger filled his office with a god-like presence. He must be the new fellow.

There now, wasn't that fun? Just click the cover of Christmas Eve Surprise and it will take you right to the Breathless Press site! And then, after you pre-order my book, check out the rest of the website for more great deals from Breathless Press on this Cyber Monday!!

Until tomorrow Sweet Bees,

Ivy B going to clear the boulders of ice that have been ever so kindly deposited at the end of her driveway by the nice snow plow man.


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