Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ivy's back in the game.

Hello all

And Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian Followers.

It's a blistering hot day in my area of the great green north and I think most of it will be spent indoors. Yes, today I will celebrate Canada Day and air conditioning. Good times...good times...

In other celebratory news, I've started writing again and in a couple weeks I will be hosting author Kari Thomas. Her latest paranormal romance is coming to the interwebs on July, 14/14.

I recently paid my family and friends in Calgary, BC a long overdue visit and while I was there, I met up with my Breathless Press Publisher, Justyn Perry. For those BP writers out there who have not had a chance to meet Justyn, if you ever get a chance to do so, I highly recommend it. He's wonderfully intelligent and personable. I'd been having a bit of a writer's dry spell. I guess you could say "my Ivy needed watering" and meeting Justyn was just what I needed. He was helpful, honest, and not only gave me great insight into what BP readers are looking for in their books, but he also opened my eyes to my own writing style and what, perhaps, I was missing. I've been having a bit of trouble connecting to readers and I'm hoping that I'm finding new writing feet that will still dance out stories that are me, but also appeal to a wider audience.

Anyway my point, two weirdly structured metaphors later, is that it was great to meet Justyn; the man behind emails.

So to continue with news, I'm happy to say that not only is Breathless Press celebrating their 5th Anniversary next month, but also that I will be a part of it. In August 2014, flirts (which what BP calls shorter romance stories that are 10K or under) will be coming to you from quite a few BP writers that have been inspired by the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". I am one of those BP writers and I'm very pleased. However, it took two kicks at the can to get a story accepted. My first attempt was a bit of dream like story that perhaps was a bit too surreal, but it was more than likely the result of taking part in Bloomsday and spending a bit of time with James Joyce's Ulysses that same weekend.

My second story though, was a good fit for a Wonderland Flirt and so I'm happy to say that in August, 2014, "I'll Call You Alice" by yours truly, will be coming to the interwebs via Breathless Press.

AND I'm even happier to report that not only will all the wonderland inspired stories be available online, but they are also being put together in a real life, keep on your bookshelf, book that you can purchase for your very own. To make it a little more personal, the contributing authors have been asked to write a little note to our readers that will precede each of our stories.

Which is still something I really need to do so I will leave you now to go do that...or at least think about it.

I'll be back on July, 15th with author, Kari Thomas.


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