Friday, August 22, 2014

"I'll Call You Alice" is released and is having a tea party on your computer.

Hello Sweet Bees!

It's a big day, a good day. Today, my fifth story with Breathless Press (not to be confused with my second Breathless Press Release which was actually called The Fifth Story (and still is) ) is out about for you to purchase and read upon whatever electronic reading device you desire.

As is often the case on release day I'mvisiting with Linda Kage. She's not only an author, but also offers help with self publishing, editing, covers, and more. So, check her out when you have some time.

Right now though, you can see what I'm up to over at her blog (she pretty much took care of the post  which was very nice of her)

and then you can hope on over to Breathless Press to pick up a copy of  "I'll Call You Alice". It's only 50 cents and seriously, it will take you less than 50 minutes to read. It's my shortest story with Breathless Press, but it is one of my favourites.

Thanks to all who have had me on during this week of blog tour business. It's been a tougher week than most and knowing that people have your back when you're down always helps, don't you think?

And before I go, and I really should have posted this sooner, Breathless Press is having a Fifth Birthday Celebration! Not only are all the e-books 50% off, but there's a contest to win gift cards and free books! Here's the info!


Happy 5th Birthday Breathless Press!!

In August, Breathless Press is turning 5! To celebrate we are releasing a limited edition Hardcover collection of our special birthday Wonderland Tales and to make sure that you're able to indulge in a little birthday fun, we are also having a month long 50% off sale across our site (

Released August, 1/2014, Wonderland Tales. 14 deliciously naughty tales inspired by Alice of Wonderland and her crew and written by 12 different Breathless Press Authors.

Wonderland Tales Buy Link

Finally, 3 lucky winners could win prizes in our birthday giveaway through Rafflecopter!  

5th Birthday Rafflecopter Giveaway
1st Prize: 1 x Limited Edition Hardcover copy of our birthda Wonderland Tales, a $20 Amazon GC and a $5 Breathless Press GC.

2nd Prize: Paperback print edition of our birthday Wonderland Tales, a $10 Amazon GC and a $5 Breathless Press GC

3rd Prize: A paperback print edition of our birthday Wonderland Tales, a $5 Amazon GC and a $3 Breathless Press GC

So be sure to enter the contest before it's too late!

Many thanks to all of you who purchase my work. I hope you enjoy my latest story.


Ivy B

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