Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"I'll Call You Alice" Over at Urban Fantasy Investigations

Hello Sweet Bees

 And Welcome to Day Three of my blog tour for my story "I'll Call You Alice".

Today I'm over at

Urban Fantasy Investigations

 I'm very chatty over there today. I've got a couple interviews going on and before you head over, just a quick note or disclaimer or side note...not sure what to call it...anyway, in my interview, in the first question I say that the picture I use for my profile and publicity photos (hmmm...that makes me sound a bit vain...) is one my husband drew of me. That is still true, but since that interview, I have gone from this lovely drawing (or one similar) 

To this

 I thought I'd have some fun, dress up, and try to capture the essence of Ivy with my real face. Yes, I'm still hiding, but I've got my reasons. :)

So, pop on over to Urban Fantasy Investigations and find out what makes me tick, tock. And if you've a mind to, hop on over to Breathless Press! "I'll Call You Alice" is available for pre-order. It's on sale right now for only 50 cents!!

See you tomorrow,

Ivy B


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