Friday, August 1, 2014

Ivy has 10,000 Reasons to be Happy

Hello to all my Sweet Bees

As you know, or maybe you don't know. This could be your first time here! Anyway, I write for Breathless Press as Ivy Bateman and am very proud to be part of this publishing family. Today is an exciting day for a number of reasons. The first being that it is the 5th Anniversary of Breathless Press! The company was a couple years new when I joined and I hope to be a writer for BP for many more years.

Also, to help celebrate this special occasion, there are sales galore on the Breathless Press site so be sure to check them out!

 Second, by sheer coincidence on this big day for BP, I have reached 10,000 page views here on Ivy B. I know many people have reached 10K long ago, some blogs out there are lucky enough to have this be a daily occurrence, but I feel proud none the less. No, I didn't plan on noticing when I reached 10K. I was just popping on to do a wee post and my dashboard revealed the big number.

And the third exciting event of today is that the limited edition of Wonderland Tales from Breathless Press has been released!.

Here's a description of the book for you...

Dive into a world of seduction, mystery, and adventure as Breathless Press plunges head first down the rabbit hole with these fourteen tales inspired by Lewis Carroll's classics Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Travel the road to a coffee shop or make a pit stop with a Detective on the hunt. Meet an intergalactic assassin or follow someone who is very, very late. Slip into a brothel or party with Ailis in a strip club. Celebrate a sweet 21st birthday gone wrong, or very right! Help solve a mystery with only one clue. Will you be claimed by the seductive Mad Hatter? Open a door to carnal passion and dangerous secrets. Watch as the crowning of the true Queen of Wonderland hangs in the balance. Take a journey through the Tulgey Wood alongside a handsome Wonderland hero. Take part in a resistance to take down the Red and White Queens. Wherever the path may lead you, it's guaranteed to leave you breathless.

This 3lb book, which I'm already in possession of and may I say, it's very pretty, contains 14 stories by 12 Breathless Press authors, including myself. In case you're curious, here's what you will find inside.

Collection includes the following stories

Mad Hatter's Alice by Kelliea Ashley

Down the Rabbit Hole by Monica Corwin

Leave Your Hat On by Mia Epsilon

A Cat Without A Grin by Jen Bradlee

Reclaiming the Rabbit Hole by Torie James

All Mad Here by Brantwijn Serrah

The Queen's Heart by Jo March

King Of Hearts by Ishabelle Torry

Tea For Three by Gayl Taylor

Descending Into Madness by Kelly Ryan

Painting The Roses Red by Monica Corwin

The Vanishing by Rebekah Lewis

Follow The White Rabbit by Shelli Rosewarne

I'll Call You Alice by Ivy Bateman  SEE??? That's ME!!

You can order one for yourself and have all the stories on your book shelf in a handy collection, or you can buy them individually in ebook form as they come to the interwebs on the BP site. My story will be released on August, 22/2014. I'm very excited!!!

And now, I must dash. I will be back often this month so come back soon!

Here's to doing what you love,

Ivy B

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