Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ivy Is One Happy B!

Hello there Sweet Bees

This is a special post for any of you who have stopped by during my half hour of hosting the Breathless Press Wonderland Tales Release Party! If you're here to find an answer to one of my scavenger hunt questions, you need look no further than this page.

My latest tale, "I'll Call You Alice", has a variety of characters being silly, daring and well - to be frank- naked in the woods, but only one was inspired by an actual person. He needs no introduction. I'll just post a lovely photo.

This man makes we want to do all sorts of R rated things, but I save those kinds of insights into my character for my stories. I believe he would make the perfect Mad Hatter for he is both a bit odd looking and sexy as all get out. He's incredibly talented, has a voice that would melt the darkest, hardest chocolate melt and I am delighted to say that was able to get my hands on three tickets to see him in Hamlet in London, England in October, 2015!! I'm so excited...I may be a little sick. 

This is a huge deal for me as I've a passport that has never been used and it's dying to see another country. My family and I are hoping to spend two glorious weeks in and around London with the main event of this holiday being seeing this divine actor of a man deliver the most famous of famous soliloquies with is musical, bass like tones. 

And that is why I, Ivy, am one lucky B!

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Here's to all things creative,


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Tammy Biickert said...

Looking forward to it!